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Lying for Good

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Lying for Good

Lying is usually frowned upon. Children are told to always tell the truth and be honest people. It is true that people should be as honest as they can, but honesty is not always the best policy. In some circumstances, lying can protect people physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Lies for the greater good work much more effectively than the truth. In times of danger the truth can take too much time or explanation. Honesty also will not get results from other people who are already lying. The truth can be dangerous, while lies keep people safe. Law enforcement uses lying to catch criminals. Any CIA, FBI, or police officer that has worked under cover has technically lied about their entire life, but the lies protect citizens from criminals.

Lying is used everyday to protect people emotionally. Lies go a long way in soothing people's feelings. The truth is often hurtful; lies work to make people feel better about themselves. It is better to lie than to hurt someone's feeling and possibly lower his or her self- esteem. Lies are part of every day relationships and help keep loved ones working smoothly together. Most husbands and boyfriends would admit that telling a small lie is much better than telling his wife or girlfriend that her dress makes her look a little big.

The truth can cause panic. Panic often worsens an already stressful situation and only adds to problems. Lying, however, can work to sooth people's fears until the crisis is over or until he or she can handle the news. Complete honesty in the middle of a tragedy can send an already stressed person into irrationality. When I was little, I fell and cut my head. Even though my mom saw that I needed stitches, she told me I was fine and everything would be al right, which made me calm down. My sister, on the other hand, started yelling about how much blood there was and how horrible it was, which only made me cry and panic. I was not mature enough yet to deal with the emergency, so my mom's small lie helped me.

When lies are used for the greater good to protect other people and not for selfish reasons, they are a greater option than honesty. As long as the pros and cons of telling the lie are weighed heavily before the lie is told, lies can help achieve the best ending. Would you rather lie, or watch another person be physically, emotionally, or mentally torn apart?



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