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Beauty Lies Within

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Beauty Lies Within

Ladies, what makes you feel beautiful? When do you take the time to pamper yourself? How can you even find personal time in this busy life we all live? For me, mornings are my time. I get up, take a hot shower, do my hair, put on make-up, and choose an outfit for the day. This may sound vain, self-centered, materialistic, or conceited. But for me, it feels amazing. For me, it's one of the only points in my day that is completely for me. Styling hair, playing with make-up, putting together clothes, are all things a girl can enjoy. All of these activities give me the feeling of self-satisfaction, confidence, and appreciation of myself.

When I look in the mirror, I do not critique the way I look, or complain about the blemishes, or even dislike what I see. I think how can I decorate myself today, how can I enhance every feature I love? What can I make different today from yesterday? After I get done styling my hair, and putting on some make-up, I get this sudden satisfaction in myself. I feel a rush of euphoric happiness. It makes me feel independent, and unique. It satisfies every selfish desire to ignore life and every responsibility.

Everyone sees things they don't like about themselves, things about their bodies they may obsess over, when no one else notices. I am guilty of this, but when I take time out of my day to pamper myself, I feel confident. I feel like I've enhanced everything I love, and forgotten everything I hate. I've concentrated on all my beauty so that any blemish I feel I may have, disappears. Confidence is important to me, in every aspect of life. Confidence is the key to success in any job or relationship. Even the way you walk, talk, or laugh, screams to the world "Yes, I am a confident woman," or "No, please don't notice me." Just giving myself ten minutes in the morning makes a complete difference in my confidence for the day.

I know I need to love and appreciate every bit of myself. This is an important quality for both men and women to possess. Everyone should know they can appreciate and love themselves for who they are, because there is only one of you, and only one of me. By giving myself attention in areas such as hairstyling, make-up, and dressing up, reminds me to appreciate myself. The appreciation I get for myself is not really from making me look pretty, it's from just knowing I deserve to do things that make me happy. Whether others think I'm just being vain, or conceited, I know it's therapeutic for me to give myself all of my attention at some point in the day.

In the mornings, I feel self-satisfied, confident, and appreciative of myself. A nice hot shower, a little bit of hair spray, mascara, and a cute t-shirt makes those feelings last and pour into everyday life. Whether I have ten minutes or sixty, it's all worth it to me. So ladies, what are you waiting



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