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Macbeth Vs. Makbeth

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Reading Macbeth and the Chronicles of England, Scotland, and Ireland I realized that the characterizations between Macbeth and Mackbeth are quite similar, yet are in different sides of the spectrum. As both Macbeth's were written by Shakespeare originally there are a lot of similarities. Yet the differences are hard to ignore. Diving deep into both characters it's as if one got the upper hand and the other got the losing hand. One dealt with suffering under authority and one dealt with the struggle to stay positioned in that higher authority. Macbeth was a King and Mackbeth became a captain after many battles to stay alive.

In Macbeth he becomes so invested into his power that he murders anyone that intimates him or that position. Lady Macbeth admires his authority and so do other people under him, that’s why Macbeth found others to be a threat. He was luckily born into that position. He was scared and threatened by other people who even tested his position and he used his position to his advantage. His core qualities weren’t learned from trial and error, they were given to him just by the royal family he was born into. On the other Mackbeth is also a rebel against the law but by standing against the King. The differences between each character is that Macbeth in Shakespeare’s Macbeth was in a position of royalty. Mackbeth on the hand was not. He was dealing with suffering being under the authorities. Mackbeth fought for his beliefs and in that also fought for his life. He example how sometimes the authorities can be unfair and use their power against the people. He example’s how justice was made in the end and how he earned his position. He was a leader before the title was given to him by the qualities he possessed. He carried loyalty, strength, and honor to do what he believed and did anything in his power to go against the higher power.

For each Macbeth their qualities were tested in the battles that they fought. Their true colors were shown and it came down to who had the core characteristics to make it to the end. In Shakespeare's Macbeth, Lady Macbeth had gone down a bad road by the world Macbeth had created, she committed suicide and Macbeth's heart grew cold and journeyed down the same road. In the Chronicles of England, Scotland, and Ireland Mackbeth ends up being King. With so many under him and supporting him, in these two characteristics it showed what qualities can get you where. Either death or a thriving life.



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