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Maizon at Blue Hill Questions

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1. During the course of the story, Maizon compares herself to others around her. What do you learn about her both physically and emotionally from the comments she makes about herself in relation to others?

She's a tall, skinny and thin black girl, she's not athletic. She hasn't quite started puberty yet. Maizon is very conscious of her appearance - insecurity- and race and gets touchy when people comment on her skin color and what it feels like being a different (being black). She is curious to how it is like being the same as others (being white). She thinks that all white people would be rich, just because they are white, and begins to wonder if she was being racist by thinking that. She begins to question her opinions about black and white people, and what made her think of them like that. She feels she's an individual because she's black.

2. What is revealed about Maizon's past from Ms. Dell's statement on page 104 "Because you never had to"? To what in Maizon's past is she referring?

Perhaps in the past the environment she was living in was an all black community and so she wasn't exposed to racial issues or conflicts, also maybe that she was too young to understand those things so she never had to think about it.

3. On page 106, Maizon is called into the room by Sybil. Maizon quickly surveys the room she has entered. What do her observations reveal about her? Could you compare her to the explorers she notices on the wall of the room? Explain your answer.

Maizon likes sunshine; the sunshine shining through the windows suggests that she is generally a happy person but only when you get her know her bit by bit. Her observations also reveal that she is conscious of her surroundings. The explorers on the wall must have sparked some interest for Maizon, or else she wouldn't have noticed it, meaning Maizon might hold some special interest for explorers in history and how might she can be like them.

4. Comment on the use of interior monologue versus dialogue between characters. Which was more prevalent? Was this an effective tool for character development? Why?

Dialogue was more prevalent. It shows how Maizon reacts to what the other character said and what she thinks about it. However interior monologue was more effective because it showed Maizon's thoughts and feelings. Moreover it showed her mindset, dislikes, and values. By reading the interior monologue we can get to know the character more in depth as compared to just reading the dialogue between characters.

5. There are many assumptions or stereotypes presented in this story. Maizon has assumptions about her classmates and life at Blue Hill. They, likewise, have assumptions about her. What did you learn about Maizon and her classmates from their assumptions?

I have learned that



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