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Male Nurses

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Male Nurses

Male nurses are an upcoming profession in the work force in today's society. Male nurses are no different from a female nurse, but the gender is what makes them different. Over the years, male nursing is more common to see in hospitals and in the health care. In the past a nurse was considered a females job because the female is known to be a care giver at home. As the years pass people see that men can also be care givers at home or at work. The culture of a male nurse should be no different from a females nurse, but the gender

A male nurse is an upcoming job all around the world. A male nurse still have the same job as a female. They both still have to get the same education and go through the same training to get there degree. A functionalist perspective on the this subject would look and agree because there should be no sexism just because of a males and females working a job that at one point was a female dominate job.

A conflict perspectives outlook on this could be that the males are trying to overrun the females out of another job. It also could be looked as if females are the care givers in today society so they should be the nurses and doctors. In the big picture, males and females can both be nurses. Just like a female can be a cop or a professional athlete. I feel that every job should or can be done by both genders.

To be a nurse you have to go to college for two or four years of school and take the program and pass the state boards. Male nurse have to go through the same process as a female. They both even ware the same uniform on the job and use the same equipment. The gender has nothing to do with the job you need to do while at work. A functionalist perspective would agree the they both need to wear the same uniform and use the same equipment to show they are doing the same job for the same purpose. But on the other hand a conflict perspective would be a little different because they would think that a male is different from a female there for they should have to ware different uniforms to show the differences.

In the picture above it shows a nurse in his uniform for work. It consists of a scrub top and scrub pants. If you are in a bacteria free area you would be asked to have the cap and mask on to prevent the spread of germs or disease. A female has to wear a similar uniform but females have more of an option of colors or designs.

Working in the health care does have a lot of benefits that male and female nurses get. The pay for a male nurse is for the most part very good but it also depends why type of job or facility you work at. They also get really good benefits like health care, sick pay, paid vacation, and many more. With working in a hospital you also get the best care when you're sick. For the most part, you get better care then someone that just walks in off the street witch is very unfair and discriminates against people that don't work in the health care field. But nurses or any employee in the health care have a special type of respect or care about that person because of what they do. Functionalist would say it's understandable because they are both care givers and they stick together but a conflicts perspectives would say that is not fair and every health care giver should get the same care as everyone else.

The environment in male nursing is a very open world compared to a female nursing. In the job field it is more likely for a male nurse to become a manager or a supervisor because of the theory of the glass ceiling. Like in the picture above it says a nurse saved my life with a man standing there, when it should be a male and female standing there because everyone works together to help people. In the glass ceiling theory it says that females get to one point in the ladder to the top and then stop but with males they can keep going to the top. A functionalist would say we need to maintain they system as a whole. Then a conflict perspective would say it's just going to let males take over the health care field.

In the health care or as a male nurse the male to female pay ratio is going up but it is a more understood job for a male to fulfill. In the chart above it shoes that over the years the female-to-male earnings ratio is also up because of the demand for male nurses. From my experience of working in a hospital the male is considered the work horse of the floor. They do most of the heavy lifting and usually more bronze then brain. The functionalist's perspective is that females usually cant lift more than a male so they do all the heavy lifting and a lot of the dirty work. The conflict of this is that it goes back to sexiest perspective because a male and female should have to do the same work if it comes to lifting people or just doing a basic nursing job.

Just because you



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