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The Male Divine

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The Male Divine

In this article, The Divine Enigma-The Relationship between Man & God, the author believes in God, he also believes that God is the Divine creator, or a Universal Being of higher Consciousness. The author also believes that God is totally beyond any human being's understanding and that we are ever growing and developing because the universe does not stand still, but continuously evolves and develops as the time goes on. According to this article written by Barry Male, those who believe in God, believe that you can call on him at anytime when they feel the need. A God we give thanks to when we fill he has answered a prayer and who we quietly ignore when a prayer has not been answered, a God that we ask for strength and courage when it comes to fighting particular battles against other human beings who are also the creations of the Divine as well. According to the author, these thoughts come from concepts of long ago when different tribes had their own special God and the tribe that won the most battles and gained the most land had the most powerful God and the rest had the God of losers.

Our relationship with God is real, according to the author of this article. God created everything we see and cannot see, therefore, God created us. We are creations of the Divine. The question put to us is, did Jesus not say, the Father and I are one. The author believes that we are a part of a web of life and if we allow ourselves to become a part of that web instead of fighting against it, we will find ourselves a part of what God has created. We have to come to the conclusion that we are not separate from the Divine that created us. We have to realize that we are a part of his creation as a whole. The experience of the world around us has made us put up a wall of protection and defense from all that we feel will cause harm. It keeps us safe from the challenges and threats it offers. This train of thought works for most of us to some degree, but at the same time it causes us to feel separate and alone. It is only when we let our protection go that we open up our hearts to the Divine spirit who moves forward and motivates us, God in man and man in God, together and separate, at one and yet apart.



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