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Malik Case

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I am always looking for a good business articals. I am alwasy in need of informative business reports and case studies.

I am 26 years old.

I live in Punjab, Pakistan

I am qualified post graduate and looking forward to M.phill.

I started my job career from a bank and currently working with the same.

I have a firsthand information of IT skills. I am goot at IT.

I am master in MS Office.

I like to play cricket, table tenis and football.

I use to spent my leisure time on internet browsing.

I have average body with Asin ethnicity.

I am hardworking, honest intellectual.

The administration of the SJML is also satisfactory. All the departments were working smoothly and equipped with the required facilities. The plant also has adequate security arrangements and guards are present to check who is leaving and entering the plant. Most of the permanent labor at SJML lives at the workers' colony of the mill. The mill also has adequate security arrangements and no body without proper identification can enter the mill. Proper fire extinguisher, sand pales and waters arrangement was available in order to meet any alarming situation at SJML.

All of the raw material is based on raw jute which is imported from Bangladesh. The company has adequate storage space to store the finished products but they are generally not stored for a long period of time and are shipped as soon as they are ready. They are only stored long enough to provide them with the required moisture levels.

There are 118 looms for Hessian Cloth manufacturing and 98 looms for sacking cloth with the capacity to manufacture of 80 MT per day finished goods. The unit started its production with 800 spindles with 54 sacking looms but due to increase in the demand of their finished goods the growth history of the mill comes out as follows:



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