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Managament Case

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It is necessary that the managers try to increase the employee engagement in their work. This can be done by giving them tasks which they consider challenging but doable at regular intervals. This is required so as to make the employees feel that their skills are being efficiently used by the company and their talent is not getting wasted by working for the organization (Minbaeva, et al, 2003). Thus it is important that the managers identify and realize the skills that their workers possess and distribute the work among them in an optimum way which makes the employees more satisfied.

It is also important that the management makes itself approachable for its workers. This is needed so that the employees can easily reach out to the management and discuss their concerns with the management. Thus a more smooth communication channel between the managers and the employees must be built which can make it easier for the employees to communicate with the higher management. It is also equally important that managers listen to what the employees have to say and also act to resolve their problems if they find that it is possible to resolve them and to give them a just reason if they can't be resolved. (Perlmutter, 1969)

Managers must also make sure that they take care of the basic needs of the employees for example ensuring the safety of workers in their work environment, keeping them away from the work which can result in health hazards or providing them the access to good quality food and toilets. These human needs must never be ignored by the organization (Young, et al, 1985). Humans are different from the other assets of the organization as the maintenance of machines can be ignored by the company for sometime but human needs must be met always to give a sense of satisfaction in the work the employees do.

Managers must also try to build a culture of appreciation and tolerance in their organization by appreciating the employees for the good work they have done for the organization and also tolerating some mistakes committed by the workers while performing their job. Employees must also be given a feeling that the organization treats them fairly by recognizing the efforts they have made , by giving them comparable wages to their peers inside and outside the organization and also by promoting them based on the merit of work they have do ne and not based on some unacceptable reasons. (Welch and Worm, 2006)

Management should also look after the skills and the personal development of their employees. Employees want that they should have also achieve personal growth and development while contributing to the growth of organization. This means that they must be given training regularly on different competencies to groom them in a holistic and complete manner (Taylor, et al, 1996). The jobs must be also rotated among the workers so that the employees don't get bored by repeatedly doing the same work and also so that they learn



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