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Management Case Study

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Qian Zhang (Ava)


BUS 500E

Case study #1

In my opinion, do the clinical trials in the United States is the best option. For the first opinion do the clinical trials in Albania, this opinion benefit for AH Biotech company, but it is bad for the citizens of Albania who will accept the clinical trials, because Albania is a poor country, the suffers do not have enough money to buy the drug and they do not have an impeccable medical insurance system. So when the trials end in Albania, those suffers will can not accept treatment. For the third opinion, we do not know the drug will be approved or not. Also we do not know the result is good or bad through the clinical trials. To be specific, we are not sure whether the clinical trials will make a lot of profit for AH Biotech company or whether the suffers must be recover through the clinical trials. Set up a compassionate use program in Albania is a good idea, but based on these uncertain factors, I do not think this opinion is the best one. There are some reasons could support the second opinion is the best one. First of all, even though do the clinical trials in United States is expensive, but U.S has a good environment to help researchers to do the tests, such as the advanced medical equipment, professionally researchers. Otherwise, even though the trials end in U.S the sufferers also can accept the treatment, because U.S is a developed country there is a good insurance system for every people. Once the trials successful, it will bring a lot of profit for the company and they can set up a compassionate use program in Albania to help the suffers. Therefore, I think do the tests in U.S is the best one opinion.




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