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Management Case

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Essay Preview: Management Case

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It's amazing how most of us think that we know ourselves better than anyone else does. Most people who are in the management or at least think they are highly qualified to be in that field think their skill level is good enough; their management knowledge can be effective enough. Not until they go through personality survey such as what we were given in class.

I was surprised to learn that there were so many things in my personal characteristics that I've been ignoring. I always thought that leading a team could be as simple as how I've been doing it but after going through my personal survey, I found out some important things that are missing in my ways of expressing my personality. This somewhat boring survey clicked some lights in me that have been turned off for so long and had they been turned on, I would have been further than where I currently am right now.

Part of the survey that I am applying to my daily life at work is "Positive and Negative Affect". I am the type of person who always gets affected by my mood. I never paid attention to how far it could get but it sometimes brings out a negative personality in me that many of my co-workers notice. I have just begun noticing my different actions depending on my moods and after taking this survey, I started to observe my own behavior. This survey actually brought me to a self observing person and so far it works. I now try to control my behavior whenever I am pressured at work.

Managers should not limit themselves to what they currently know. Improvements are always possible and in management it is always necessary. Some people are born leaders and they have the natural ability to become successful in leading other people. Some have to get their education or get some experience in order to do a better job. Doing self assessments help individuals find out missing parts of their personalities. Self assessment can be an enormous help most especially to those who are in the field of leading other people. It helps them find and repair whatever defects they may have in their style and it can also improve the positive techniques they already have.

Knowing your own personal behavior plays a major role in becoming a manager. It dictates managers how to become successful in reaching their goals. My style lets me explore every possibilities of achieving what I am expecting and it also makes me push myself to compete against other people around me.



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