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Management Case

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This review is undertaken as a part of the MAN5010 unit_ Management. The purpose of this review is to explain what is cultural understanding and why cultural understanding plays an important role in achieving organisational success in the 21st Century. In this review, I concentrate to explain what is organisational culture, what is cultural understanding, and why cultural understanding can help to reach organisational success in the 21th century. According to H. Schein, organisational culture has three types of culture that are operator culture, engineering culture and executive culture. To manage three cultures and keep the company operating efficiency and safely, cultural understanding become very crucial. The culture in the different location is not the same but the workers in the company can come from different country or different parts of the same country and their culture is not similar. Understanding culture means that the hobby, the habit, the religious and spiritual beliefs.... of all members in the group or the company can be known (Zion, S. & Kozleski, E., Understanding culture, 2005). In general, cultural understanding is very useful in attach the target the company or the group want to get. Understanding culture clearly can help to get the objective faster and easier. For example, in the hospitality it can help to motivate the travellers want to come or go back with that service or in the chemist industry, it helps to create the new medicine quicker and more effectively.

Organisational culture has three types of culture that include operator culture, engineering culture and executive culture and there are some problems among these cultures.

Culture is the knowledge, the opinion, the traditional custom, the belief, etc... of the people about the life. The culture is not similar in all over the world and in the different areas of the same country as well as in the same region.

Understanding culture increases the creativity and the innovation of people in the life. Based on that, it stimulates the development of the economy.

Understanding culture is culture awareness and the raise culture awareness make the communication in the community better. Thus, it makes the imparting information faster and more correctly.

The manager who understands the organisational culture can work more effectively and help the company to reach the target quicker and better by operating the company more effectively and combine the function of other departments more suitable and can get the highest result.

With understanding culture well, this can support disadvantaged individuals because it helps the training program become more effective when you know well everyone in your company such as their opinions, their beliefs, etc....

Understanding culture in the chemist industry helps to create new medicines and popularise the knowledge quicker and more



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