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Management Sciences

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Management Sciences emerged after WW-II, mostly initiated by the real experiences of military leaders and the same can rightly be labeled as ‘baby-product’ of Military sciences. Being a military person with plus 25 years of service onboard various PN ships establishments, I kept on thinking that Masters in Business Administration would give me a boost in my experiential career.

Plan-Prep-Execute, the military mode of management and operations has been the motto of Naval service as well; onboard many military units; and I have kept an effective and positive control on workforce, their performance and compliance with the mission. However, business related fields bear different challenges and risks, in local, national as well as international industries and markets.

After learning theories, trends and practices of contemporary Management and business; I anticipate to work, compete and excel in modern dynamics of the market; with proactive planning, analysis and profitable approach. Economy, law & order, business strategies, market competitions and government regulations tend to be on the move. Yet fluctuating and at times even difficult to predict. I am interested to consider self-driven, clientele-driven, as well as industry-driven as my modus operandi to contribute, and bring entrepreneurial changes and ventures, in my chosen field of market / specialization.

In future, I wish to undertake specialization in IT and Info System; as these fields have become an indigenous platform; an infrastructure for all latest mechanism, processes and communication; across modern organizations. I have an apt and developed sense of organizational safety and security, proper planning and smooth operations; and this ‘second-nature’ sagacity will enhance my implied professionalism in corporate sector. I foresee myself as heading a multinational organization; in the next five years of my career; with experiential and tacit skills; and academic qualification; gained from military service and EMBA degree respectively.



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