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Management and Commuication

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Olivier Chalon, an outstanding leader, who has held multiple management positions successfully over his 18-year career in different companies, joined as a president of a large business unit in Michelin North America in the year 2004.

Michelin was in its tough circumstance due to the descending sales and the pathetic financial performance at that period. So the new leader was expected to lead the division to carry out a turnaround by reviving their sales performance and alter the strategy to retain their existing long-term customers. Taken the position would require his unfaltering focus and capability to motivate personal into consideration, Oliver Chalon accepted the offer from Michelin. While only after a six-month working with his colleagues and subordinates, he has meet a tough challenging in Michelin North America.

This report will demonstrate the issues that occurred in the team which under Chalon’s leadership, which are:

  1. Distance between the superior and the subordinates.
  2. Cross-Cultural Communication
  3. Group Process and Performance
  4. Cultural Intelligence
  5. Cultural Map

To be more specific, we also analysis the reason why these trouble emerge in this multi-culture team and finally put forward some alternative recommendation respectively on how to solve these problems and improve the team performance as well.

以下为issue and recommendation, 我将两点合二为一的说明了

Distance between the superior and subordinates– share personal information? Make effort to know employees?

The distance between Chalon and his subordinate is a noticeable issue among this team, which should be divided into two different types.

Initially, the ineffective communication at work between this team is obviously. Due to the unsuitable alignment between the goal that Chalon set to the team and the practical capacity of his subordinates, the grumble about his strict standards and high demanding from his subordinates. Although Chalon considered himself a very accessible and transparent leader to his subordinates by his open-door policy, with the fear of being fired and want to change their position into another department, all his subordinates were working under the high pressure. The influence of employees’ tense emotion leads them into a silent environment upon their disagreement of Chalon’s management style, and makes no sense of his open-door policy. Then the decisions which Chalon made after seeking consensus carefully was meaningless and more seem as a autocratic for the reluctant to express the true feeling of his subordinates.



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