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Marine Uniforms

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Proper uniform wear is a huge factor in the pride of the United States Marine Corps. We are the most renowned, honored, and distinguished military force in the world not only because we are shit hot at everything we do on the battlefield, but also how we hold ourselves outside of combat. Not only is it very important to make sure our uniforms look good at all times, but it is also a Marine Corps standard we all must live by. Marines pride themselves in looking irreproachable and immaculate in their uniforms, whether it be the desert and woodland utilities, service charlies, dress blue alphas, or any other of the marine uniforms. Making sure all of our uniforms are squared away is one of the many factors that separate the Marine Corps from all other branches of the US Military.

All of the miniscule and exact details in every uniform we wear serves a purpose to every marine wearing that uniform. It gives us the attention to detail we need to take with us to combat so we can spot IED's or whatever else the enemy throws at us. If a marine looks at every detail in his/her uniform, they will most likely look at every detail in a combat environment also. If we don't have that attention to detail that we need I could get myself killed or get other marines to the left and right of me killed because of that pressure plate I didn't see so I stepped on it. Marines are inspected on their uniforms frequently to make sure that we are keeping our uniforms ready and squared away at all times. The attention to detail must be perfect to make sure our uniform is immaculate.

Even though marines work in the desert and woodland utilities, or cammies, they still must be taken care of while in a garrison environment. This includes but is not limited to: clean boots, clean blouse and trousers, matching blouse and trousers, clean cover, all parts of the cammies not wrinkled, boot blousing, unchipped rank chevrons with correct placement on the collar



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