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Should School Children Wear Uniforms?

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Essay Preview: Should School Children Wear Uniforms?

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Should school children wear uniforms? The people from different country has different ideas. In my mind is school children should wear uniforms, because they look very neat, don't make comparisons, and students are more srtringent. If they don't wear uniforms, they look very mess and nobody knows which school they from, such as if some students do some big things in public places, broken something. If the people want to find out the students who broken the thing, just look school uniforms,, then contact with school. But if students don't wear uniforms, they can't find them, school uniforms as sign of the school.

First, school children wear uniforms, they look very neat. They look very unified, not so dazzling; facilitate the management and promotion of school. And at some time, students to wear school uniforms as a sign of their own, is also a sign of the school. Uniforms can tell the students, all the school is a entirety, each students represent the school in the street. In china, most school will require the hair, boys can not be too long, girls with short hair can not come to the shoulders, long hair must be combed up, and also can not make up even can not wear jewelry. These all requirements are the hope that the atmosphere throughout the school look better, look very neat; at this time, neat uniforms to tell students uniforms is a collective expression, allow students to always realize that they are a member of the collective, help to establish a sense of collective responsibility. Just neat uniforms can help students a lot.

Second, when school children wear uniforms. There is no more comparisons. All the students are young people, very like comparison with other other people, many student like compare their dress, shoes, who's dress is more beautiful, who's shoes is more expensive; but if the students wear uniforms, they had nothing to compare with each other. I was remember that was my grade ten in Beijing, our teacher said:" school is a place for study. Not a fashion show, not let you guys to compare who is most beautiful in school. Comparisons is a very serious problem in school of china i think, each school will wear uniforms with ways to curb the competitive situation, at this time, 也可以让家庭条件不同的孩子心理平衡, reflects the student's identity and status equality, this will help the friendship between the students.

Some people think that students do not need to wear uniforms, they will spent a lot of time just because dress up, every morning need to think about what to wear, then will late, also affect the whole atmosphere and discipline of the school. From the oppoise direction, the requirement of school that ask students to wear school uniforms, students to comply with the provisions of the school, the whole school will became very discipline. Also. The students who has not wear uniforms very often, school will be womed, when they have too many warner,



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