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Market Plan for Ecoexpo

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Essay Preview: Market Plan for Ecoexpo

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Executive Summary

The New Zealand Ecoexpo requires a fresh and creative - yet sustainable - marketing approach to promoting aspects of environmentalism to a local audience who has 'heard it all before'. This promotional plan enlists a combination of traditional and innovative marketing methods to encourage attendance at the 2009 Ecoexpo, held from the 5th to 7th of June at the Christchurch Convention Centre.

A situation analysis of Ecoexpo's previous promotional efforts illustrates an inability to discourage complacency, which has been identified as the event's biggest weakness However, Ecoexpo's strengths lie in its ability to convert visitors at the expo to making life-time sustainable changes. Accordingly, the chosen communication strategy aims to encourage the action of attending the Ecoexpo, rather than creating awareness of the event and providing environmental solutions in the marketing material. All promotional and advertising activities are integrated and directed towards this aim.

The campaign's creative concept associates the idea of family, the New Zealand lifestyle and the environment. The slogan, "protect what you love", endeavours to encourage people to want to protect their individual and family outdoors lifestyle, or the 'New Zealand lifestyle' that they love, by learning to look after the environment that is so central to this way of life. The slogan also tries to remind parents and family members that by attending to the expo and learning about sustainability, they are helping protect the environment that is integral to not only their lives, but also for their loved ones and future generations.

The promotional methods outlined in this plan incorporate both conventional and novel means of advertising in order to reach this goal. A significant proportion of the budget is to be spent on traditional promotional methods such as street signs, banners, posters, newspaper advertisements, and website notifications.

The plan also provides for a number of creative and unique approaches to deliver the promotional message including educational projects for schools, 'tree crosses' employed as a method of 'buzz marketing', a sand sculpture in Riccarton's Westfield Mall, a large 'sand-writing' image on New Brighton beach and two stone mosaic billboards to be erected at busy Christchurch intersections.

All promotional efforts endeavour to highlight the significance of the environment with regards to one's current lifestyle, their family's lifestyle, and the lifestyle they will live in the future. The campaign's big idea revolves around the notion that: You won't be able to do the things you love in the future if you carry on neglecting the environment. But by coming to the Eco Expo you can learn how to protect what you love by looking after the environment.


Situational Analysis - SWOT Analysis


Passion for the environment. All of the Ecoexpo staff are intrinsically motivated to spread the word about environmentalism. Team members of eco-expo are passionate to use whatever means possible to encourage people to implement sustainable practice into their lifestyles.

Previous experience. Ecoexpo has previous experience in how to market environmental messages to make them more acceptable to the everyday public. They are aware that complacency is the biggest problem, and have the integral experience needed in knowing how to tackle this issue as this is not the first time they have held an environmental expo.

Seasonal effects. The Ecoexpo takes place in winter, which can be seen as the optimal time of the year to hold an environmental expo as the public are more concerned with saving power, low lake levels and conserving water etc.

Previous attendees. Having held the Ecoexpo in 2007 with approximately 6000 attendees, there is already at least this number of people who are aware of what the Ecoexpo is about. There is the potential for these people to gain further interest in the event with the new advertising. Furthermore, many of the attendees who were surveyed at last years event expressed their interest in returning to the Ecoexpo the following year, and accordingly, can be expected to view the campaign's marketing promotions positively.

Sponsorship. The Ecoexpo has received added credibility and support in the form of sponsorship from the Christchurch City Council, which has afforded the event with extra funding and prestige in the view of the public.


Lack of financial resources. The Ecoexpo requires a large amount of work for very little profit, which is a common issue in sustainable practice.

Complacency. Many people are aware of expos but do not have the motivation to go to them. Furthermore, many people are also aware of the necessity for environmental concern but do not have the motivation to change their everyday practice. Complacency has been identified as the biggest issue for the Ecoexpo.

Website. The current Ecoexpo website is old and outdated, particularly for web savvy users. The internet is currently not well integrated in promotions for the Ecoexpo.

Lack of people power. There are limited Ecoexpo team members available to promote and organise the event.

Lack of publicity. Last year's event was a low profile event.

Lack of sponsorship from environmental organisations. While Ecoexpo has gained support from the Christchurch City Council, no specifically environmental organisations have provided sponsorship, which may have afforded the event extra credibility.

Lack of prestige. Ecoexpo, as a new event, is not considered a prestigious annual event in the local public's perception.

Seasonal effects. The event's placement in winter can also be seen as a disadvantage. With warmer climates the event could have been held outdoors and taken advantage of the fact that the majority of locals have a more positive attitude towards the environment in the warmer weather.


National expansion. Ecoexpo has the ability to expand nationally into other cities around New Zealand once it has achieved an effective organisational and marketing program that can easily be replicated elsewhere.

Increased brand awareness. There are opportunities for the event to gain sufficient brand awareness and publicity, giving Ecoexpo the opportunity to become



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