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Marketing Plan - McBride Financial Services

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Essay Preview: Marketing Plan - McBride Financial Services

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Marketing Plan

McBride Financial Services

Marketing Plan

Prepared By: Paul Frisbee

Axia College

Week: 4

McBride Financial Services is a company that is looking to expand. The company currently operates in Idaho and would like to progress into the states of Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, and South Dakota. The company offers low cost mortgage

plans and plans to use technology to guide them and make the processes smoother and stronger. The company needs to find ways in which they are going to do research and how they will do their advertising. McBride will have target people and locations

that will need to be addressed as well so they can make their company profitable over time. This paper will areas from researching, media, and what general population that the company may want to try to obtain. There is also going to be a section that discus's the potential for the company to use the internet for part of their marketing ideas. The company being discussed is McBride Financial Services.

McBride is currently located in Idaho alone but is looking to add the locations Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, and South Dakota. McBride Financial Services offers low cost mortgage planning and refinancing to home owners in the states that the business is in. The key for McBride Financial Services is use the technological advantage in all five locations like they plan on doing. The company has to be able to bring in customers and eventually make a profit so the business can sustain itself. Being the company is going to be new in a few locations, it is going to be a challenge to promote their business name and get people to come to them rather than the traditional home town banks that many depend upon them. The plus side of the business is that their technological side can be used to their advantage. The company can house a site in which customers can get on and view their information or make payments.

The goal for McBride is to come up with an marketing plan that meets the companies goals and intent. An adequate marketing plan with ensure that McBride can meet those goals. The first and foremost part of the plan is to be profitable after the first year of operations, with the understanding that the first two quarters may be slightly under profit until they can establish the clients. To accomplish this they must apply and obtain mortgages to back their customer needs by minimizing the cost to the clients. To do so they must use leverage in obtaining their business mortgages. Market Research is used to help businesses learn about their customers, what



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