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Marketing Analysis

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Marketing Analysis Research Report

Module 1

Grand Canyon University


February 5, 2012


Marketing Analysis Research Report

A product that will be the focus of my research is computers. It is a product that is a personal interest. Throughout the years, I have always enjoyed working on computers and understanding how to operate them as well as the health issues that it could cause because it is very important to know about a product that you enjoy so much but yet take the precautions beforehand and not later down the road when it may to be late.

The consumer appeal of computers is the price, speed, and features. It is important for consumers to know what the price so that they can know whether it is worth the price. They need to know the speed of the computer because the faster that a computer is the more interested the a consumer is because no one wants a slow computer that always freezes up on them when they are on the middle of browsing the internet, doing research for a homework assignment, etc. The features are very important for a consumer to know about because they like to know what a specific feature comes with it when they go to the store to purchase the product. In today's society, many people like to have a DVD burner so that they can burn onto a CD. Another feature that many people look for is a Webcam to take pictures with. Also, one more that comes to mind is a microphone so that they can talk to their family or friends online as often as they would like too.

Computers are often advancing and consumers often chose a model that will last.

The environmental factors of computers are energy use in the production and operation of possible long-term use could cause health effects on workers, families, and neighboring communities due to the chemical exposure and emissions from the production stages such as microchip fabrication. A person who is on the computer all day long may put a lot of strain on their eyes and so it could possibly cause problems with your eyes and it may result into you having to wear glasses. I think a person's vision is more important than a computer because you need that throughout life so that you can function on things in your daily life such as taking care of your children, going to school, driving to work, etc. So what I am saying is limit yourself on a computer because it is not a healthy way to live on one



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