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Mem Marketing Analysis

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According the information in this case, it can be clearly recognized that there are a variety of productions focusing on just only one customer group. This situation perhaps comes from the production policy based on deployment or manufacture of the fragrances in its toiletries. In addition, the production process does not depend on MEM employees because it needs to be found out in market demand.

First of all, after giving a market survey, the company should not launch the Cambridge production because of powerful competitor production. When Shulton'Blue Stratos invested up to $12 million for marketing budget with strong campaign and interesting slogan, Cambridge could not be successful in this area.

Looking at the sale result of the company, Lime only occupied 2.3% in the total dollar sales by production line and class of trade from 1979 to 1980 so it must be deleted from the production list. If Lime had not been existed, the company would have more resources for investing other production. Moreover, with 6.9% in total sale of the gift sets, Racquet might be strategic production for developing and investing at that time. By judging from this way, this adjustment would help the company to keep the bright sale result by good decisions and good strategies.


Because of the market trend in 1970s, the company diversified a wide range of productions to meet fully all customer demands or give more and more market share. Coming along with production of development, the firm offered a variety of store system to serve every customer when they need.

The company utilized almost their resources and power to focus on the medium-price-group. They believed that they had lots of advantages compared to other competitors in same part of market, British Sterling and Old Spice. For instance, their English Leather customers seem younger and more active than users of other companies.

At that time, other trend might be counted is the launching production in the food stores. During the 1970s, other competitions explored that customer in food stores are major distribution channel in several years, the market share of MEM had a significant lost to their competitors. After changing their mind about the priority strategy, the company entered in the food store chains to sell production and try to concentrate on service rather than low prices.


Due to focus group and marketing strategy, advertising of MEM production was concentrated on 18-35 ages group. As a result, they should replace previous slogan by a new slogan for new generation to pay attention to MEM men's toiletries. It is absolutely essential for the company to have the right orientation and classify the customer easily.

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