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Marketing Plan - Click of the Mouse Applicant Tracking Add On Service

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Essay Preview: Marketing Plan - Click of the Mouse Applicant Tracking Add On Service

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Strategic Marketing Plan:

Click of the Mouse Applicant Tracking add o n service


The following paragraphs will provide the reader with the objective and mission for Click of the mouse applicant tracking add on service. In addition, we will look at competition, service features, core strategy, communication, promotion and pricing strategy for the applicant tracking add on service.

Mission Statement

Click of the Mouse Applicant Tracking system add-on is dedicated to assisting recruiters and any others involved in the recruitment process track application data with ease. We pride ourselves in providing a quality service that enable recruitment activities to be tracked without hassle. We strive to be with the highest level companies in the applicant tracking industry, by assisting our clients remain complaint with all laws pertaining to applicant tracking and providing a user friendly online environment.


Click of the mouse one year objective is to secure a minimum of 75 clients and reach 75k in profits. In addition, Click of Mouse will look to add additional features to our service based of client need and request.

Customer Targets

The target market for click of the mouse applicant tracking system add-on will be recruiters. More specifically, any company that requires their recruiters to attract and retain talent with the use of social networking. According to a recent survey conducted by Jobvite ( social network recruiting has increased greatly since 2009. With this in mind our targeted market for click of the mouse applicant tracking system add-on is spot on. As social networking increases, my selected service will make social networking tracking efforts easier. In creating this service, it is key to ensure that we have the capability to transfer data from all sites. In terms of marketing the service, we will offer companies the option to purchase the add-on as al a cart (transfer data from all sites) or to purchase the add-on for specific sites that the use.

Competitor Targets

In thinking about the competition for the click of the mouse applicant tracking add-on, generic competition comes to mind. Mainly, because click of the mouse applicant tracking add-on can currently be done but will enable it to be done in a more effective/efficient way. Generic competition is when a level of competition that includes all products or services that the customer views as fulfilling the need requiring satisfaction on a particular purchase or use occasion (Winer, 2011).

The main competitor is recruiters who recruit on a low level or those that have not broken into social network recruiting. Other competitors for click of the mouse applicant tracking add-on out major applicant tracking companies such as Peoplesoft or other company home grown applicant tracking systems.

The biggest players in terms of competition for the click of the mouse applicant tracking system add-on are major applicant tracking system companies or companies that outsource this service. They are the biggest players in the fact that they have more resources. These resources include more money and advance technology.

The market for applicant tracking system as a whole is large. There are several software packages that offer applicant tracking services. What makes click of the mouse a niche service is that none offer social networking services.

According to the 2011 Social Recruiting Trends & Strategies article; social recruiting has changed the face of recruiting in that more and more companies are using social network sites to fill open position in a timely fashion (Cachinko, 2011). In order for a company to recruit the best possible talent for their job openings it is imperative for recruiters to step outside the box.

The click of the mouse applicant tracking service add-on fits into the market due to the need for companies to remain complaint in tracking recruitment efforts. When a company has open positions they are required to comply with certain laws in regards to tracking information. With the selected product companies will be in compliance and be able to do so with a click of the mouse. Social recruiting is used frequently by recruiters and with the click of the mouse add-on these efforts will now be able to be track quickly to allow addition time for recruiters to find both active and passive candidates.

Product/Service Features

Click of the Mouse Applicant Tracking System Add-On is a service that will be provided to companies to support their social media recruitment efforts. The service add on will allow recruiters or others who are responsible for tracking applicant activates to add information to their current tracking system with ease.

Core Strategy

The core strategy for Click of the mouse Applicant Tracking system add-on will be communicated to potential consumers via the internet and/or email blast. The message will explain the benefit of the service and let consumers know all the benefits of the service and why they should purchase the service.

Marketing Mix: Communications & Promotion

For Click of the Mouse, the message to consumers is as follows:

If you are tired of doing social media recruiter ineffectively; then Click of the Mouse is the perfect addition to you existing applicant tracking system. Click of the Mouse is the perfect tool for recruiters to use to legally document recruitment activities. Click of the Mouse offers recruiters the ability to track data with ease and make an efficient use of your time and fill positions faster.

Click of the Mouse will use the internet to communicate the message to potential consumers. This form of advertising is known ad paid or keyword search (Winer, 2011). The rational for this choice is that recruiters spend most of their time using the



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