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Marketing Research Game on Littering

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Essay Preview: Marketing Research Game on Littering

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Marketing Research Game on Littering

Management Problem: Increase in littering and the cost for removing litter.

Research Problem: To know the reasons for littering.

Design: We will design disguise game to study the human behavior of littering.


We will publish a series of posters, with some incentives. The posters will feature a dead cat and a dead dog and had a question to guess how the animal had died. The posters did not include any anti-litter message but simply a website address. They were run on bus shelters, railway stations. On entering the website, users had to guess the reason for the death of various animals, some of which died due to litter injuries and others died of natural causes. Successful guessers could enter a competition to win prize such as movie tickets.

In the second stage, Respondents can be given bubble diagrams to complete, with general litter items like plastic bag, cigarette butts, foil paper, ashtray contents, and dog excrement to be arranged across four quadrants on Y axis will be "cleaner to pick up" & "Dirtier to pick up". On X axis, will be "acceptable" and "unacceptable". All the respondents will be asked to complete the diagram the one with nearest to the mean gets a prize.


At first, we will select the location of the intercept sites at random that includes both general littering sites. Our goal is to obtain a small, representative sample of individuals and to link the responses to the observed disposal behaviors. For the sites, the field research team members or observers will watch individuals who litter. Following the observation, the observer will approach the selected person to ask for participation in a short oral survey (less than five minutes) and individuals were be offered some goodies in return for their participation. The interviewer asked the person a set of pre-determined questions about litter behavior.

In what year were you born?

What is the highest grade of school you have completed?

Do you consider cigarette butts to be litter?

Following questions will have to be rated in a scale of 1-5

(Highly Unlikely, 2 - Unlikely, 3- Neutral, 4- Likely, 5- Highly Unlikely)

Do you currently work primarily in an indoor or an outdoor environment?

Does the vehicle you ride in most often have a receptacle for cigarette butts?

How clean is your community?

How much litter is visible in your



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