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Marketing and Customer Analysis

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Essay Preview: Marketing and Customer Analysis

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This assignment requires students to examine the customers and competitors of two brands in the "quick food" market.

A: Customer Analysis

You will be asked to compare and contrast, i.e. discuss the similarities and differences between the core consumers at lunchtime of the brands Hungry Jack's and Sumo Salad. Some possible alternative bases for segmentation that you may consider are listed below;

- demographics - motivations - lifestyle

- usage - beliefs and attitudes - reference groups

- decision making - needs - occasions

You should consider the above characteristics to answer the following questions for each brand.

i) What consumer segments exist in the market these companies operate in?

ii) How are these segments defined? (i.e. which bases for segmentation are most relevant? - there will be a mix of bases, not just one)

iii) What characteristics of the products, prices, promotion and distribution make the companies' offerings appropriate for the particular segment(s) that each company (Hungry Jack's and Sumo Salad) focuses on?

B: Competitor Analysis

To address this competitor analysis, you will need to use your findings from the customer analysis.

i) Who are the most direct competitors for i) Hungry Jack's, and ii) Sumo Salad?

ii) How well do Hungry Jack's and Sumo Salad each succeed in distinguishing themselves from these direct competitors?

Administrative Requirements:

Students will form groups of up to 4 members to prepare the paper which is worth 20% of the total marks for this subject.

The paper is to be submitted as a 1500 word, double spaced report (with added appendices if necessary). Referencing is essential using Harvard Style.

A Peer Evaluation is to be submitted by each group member with the assignment by Wednesday 14th September at 5pm.

**Absolutely NO extensions for the assignment will be allowed. A late penalty of 10% of total possible marks per day will be applied to all late assignments.



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