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Marshall Plan by George C Marshall

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Essay Preview: Marshall Plan by George C Marshall

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The Marshall plan was founded by a man name George C Marshall. George Marshall was born December 31, 1880. He was the youngest of three children. During this school years he was not the most successful in academic's when he was 16 he was part a of a military in training group called the VMI. While in the VMI he learned military rules and disciplined himself to follow orders. By the end of his first year, Marshall had become the top military student in his class. By his fourth year, Marshall was First Captain, the highest ranking cadet on campus. He graduated 15th of 32 in the class and received a diploma in civil engineering. Academics and military discipline at Virginia Military Institute were challenging they gave him the respect he deserved. The time that he spent there taught him how to be a great leader. Marshall was always thinking up schemes and recruiting his friends to carry them into action. While in the VMI he developed these abilities a step further. Marshall learned how to lead his friends, but how to successfully lead his foes. It was a simple thing to give an order, and quite another to make sure others carried it out. Being a good leader requires a decisive mind, strength in character, honesty, and respect for those you desire respect from. When Marshall graduated VMI the world was turning into the 20th century. After graduation Marshall enlisted into the US Army. In 1902 Marshall was sent to the Philippine to oversee American troops occupying the islands after the Spanish-American War. When Marshall was in the Philippines he has developed a way to live with out the home front and also his wife. He was married to a woman Lily Coles, who stayed behind in Lexington, Virginia.



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