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Marshall Bruce Mathers

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Essay Preview: Marshall Bruce Mathers

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Nick Goeke

Music Appreciation

Dr. Cox

March 25th, 2011

Marshall Bruce Mathers

Eminem was born Marshall Bruce Mathers III on October 17th, 1972. He was born in St. Joseph, Missouri. He was born to a fifteen-year-old mother, and a father who left six months after he was born. His entire childhood was spent moving back and forth between Kansas City and Detroit before eventually living on the east side of Detroit when he was twelve. There are three main points in the life of Marshall Mathers, his childhood, his legal troubles, and his present day career.

His childhood was filled with turmoil, bouncing back and forth between Kansas City and Detroit, but this was the least of his worries. When he was a kid there were thoughts of an abusive family life, and the moving back and forth made it very difficult for him to make friends and try to graduate. Britannica encyclopedia states, "Marshall Mathers suffered through alleged abuse as a child" (Britannica encyclopedia).

"Marshall Mathers began rapping at four years old, putting rhymes together, and having rap battles with other kids in the lunch room"( This was one of the few things that gave him joy in a otherwise painful childhood. After being held back in the ninth grade for a third time Marshall dropped out of high school. According to "he doesn't consider himself stupid and doesn't advise that people should follow his example, he just says it wasn't for him" ( At the age of fourteen he started to become very serious about the rap game, and started rapping in local Detroit night clubs.

Even though he dropped out of high school in the ninth grade he met Kimberly Ann Scott (Kim) there. "The two developed a long term relationship, and when Marshall found out that Kim had become pregnant this only increased his drive to succeed and provide for his new family"( He discusses this in his song "Never Far Away" on the album Infinite saying "I got a baby on the way, I don't even got a car...I still stay with my moms...we gotta make some hit records or something because I'm tired of being broke..."( When his album Infinite didn't bring in the revenue he had hoped for Kim ended their relationship, and wouldn't allow Marshall to see their baby. In total depression Marshall attempted to take his own life. "After failing to do so he returned his focus to starting a new relationship with Kim, and the two married on June 14th, 1999 in his home town of St. Joseph Missouri"( His daughter, Hailie, was born on December 25th, 1995. "He was determined to give her the childhood he never had, with a father figure, and financial security. She is also a big inspiration in his music and mentioned in numerous songs such as "Hailies Song", "Mockingbird", and "When I'm Gone"(

As an adult, Marshall's life did not get any easier as he started to suffer through legal troubles. In 1999 as he was rapidly becoming famous he also started to endure some legal issues. His mother brought a lawsuit against him about lyrics in his song, "My Name Is",



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