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Martha Case

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Essay Preview: Martha Case

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Martha mother of Ted. Oh how Ted missed her after she passed. His mother was so special to him. She was always there for him no matter what. Martha was more than just a mother she was his dearest friend. No matter what Martha was always there for Ted. Once when Ted was out with some friends there was a terrible accident. Ted and his friends ran a truck into the Lake. Ted tried to save one of his buddies but was unable to get him out of his seat belt. Ted blamed himself for the tragedy. Martha told Ted it was not his fault he did all he could do to save his buddy. Ted felt so bad he was not able to go to his buddies funeral. Martha to Ted that it is very important for him to go to the funeral, it would be the only way that Ted would be able to say goodbye to his friend. Martha talked with his friends parents and asked them to come over and talk with Ted. They told Ted that they do not blame him for what happened and that his buddy would not want him to feel he was to blame. His buddies family told Ted that he would want Ted to come to the funeral and be able to say goodbye to him. Otherwise he would never have closure as to what had happened. Ted and his mother Martha went to the funeral and Ted even got up and said a few words. Martha was so proud of Ted. After the funeral Ted thanked his mom for being there to help him get through the day.



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