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McBride Marketing Paper

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McBride Marketing Paper

McBride Financial Services offers low-cost mortgages in Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, and South Dakota. The headquarters is based in Boise, Idaho; they are trying to expand their clientele in the other four states. FHA and VA loans are their specialty. They offer services for primary, secondary, and recreational residences for families and individuals. Their services include credit reports, home inspections, appraisals and low-rate mortgages. They list their target marketing as:

- Professionals purchasing either a primary or secondary residence.

- Retirees purchasing a primary or secondary residence.

- Families and/or individuals purchasing recreational properties.

They will need a marketing plan to attract new clientele. McBride can use email, mailers, online communities, and other online advertising to boost their marketing campaign.


McBride Financial Services will purchase data of individuals looking to purchase property. Market research will also target retirees, professionals, and families. It will be important to monitor purchasing habits of potential clientele in order to tailor markets for selected groups. Marketing will tease potential clients with information to draw their interests. They will also need to offer advice to potential clients. First-time buyers should be advised of loan options and home upgrades while more seasoned clients should be advised of re-financing and remodeling.

Marketing Media

Many types of media should be utilized to get the most out of the marketing plan. The Internet will be used to reach out to many potential clients. Mailers will also be used. Mailers give marketing a paper solution to media. Online communities such as Facebook and Twitter will be used to gather information and reach out to new clients. McBride can post online surveys and questionnaires on Facebook. Microsoft NetMeeting offers a solution to having online meeting to potential clients.

Internet Marketing

The Internet will be used for interactions with cu



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