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Media Analysis

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Media Analysis

The type of media I will be analyzing is television shows. In today's society television shows play a major role in the influence in society. People watch tv. for many different reasons. Some of the reasons people watch tv is for entertainment, to learn, and also to get away from reality. Today reality shows are popular because of the variety of films convention and the values and attitude used to contract, although sometimes seeing something that has happened to their self may be funny. Watching t.v. relieve stress and can be good for your health. Television shows can target different groups but most popular shows are usually targeting young adults. In today's society young adults watch t.v. on average of three to four hours a day. This makes most creators want to make t.v. programs in which young adults will watch.

What is usually depicted in television shows are the daily life of real people around the world. Reality shows are the perfect example of what is being depicted. Most of the time the main thing which is being depicted in television shows is violence and also sex. The families in television shows are usually more focus on drama and a lot of baggage. The background which the creators try to depict is white middle class. They are viewed in both negative and a positive way. Some of the negative ways t.v. shows portray white people is by trying to say a lot of their youth is full of a lot of drama, fighting, and having sex. Also they seem to always have mothers which are alcoholics. Some of the positive ways which white families are viewed on television is they always have a foundation meaning there the family have a good amount of money and they have the perfect families. What these things teach people who view these televisions shows are white families do not have any issues or really financial problems. This also could teach people that white people are better than other races in the world which is a very negative thing to think. This discrepancy implies that boys are more significant than girls, an image reinforced by the way in which female and male charters are portrayed which is stated families and society.

Females are more likely to be found in minor roles with little responsibility for the outcome of the story and are rarely shown. On the other hand there are some positive ways whites are portrayed. Some whites are portrayed as family oriented, always doing well in school and focus on their positive talents. The main goal is to make sure people who watch t.v. can relate to them on a daily base. The implicit and the explicit assumption the creator was trying to make about the creation of the reality shows is they are trying to send a message that every household seems to experience some type of craziness.

The sociological perspective the creator is trying to make about the t.v. shows is a lot of families have different



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