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Medtronic Website Evaluation

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Essay Preview: Medtronic Website Evaluation

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Quality of life or an agonizing death is a thought that comes to mind for many people who have a chronic disease. Although not everyone has developed an ongoing illness a multitude of people know someone who is living with a disease. Medtronic is a medical supply company that is on the cutting edge of medical discoveries and the development of products that assist individuals to live life to the fullest and informing those in need (Medtronic). Many times finding medical supplies that are keeping up with the newest medical discoveries is not only difficult, it is exhausting. The majority of websites appear to have one thing on their mind; to pull you in, hook you and then keep you searching for more. Medtronics, however, offers access to products that may make an enormous improvement in health conscious individuals. The Medtronic website is informative, inviting, and instills a sense of hope.

To begin, the home page is pleasing to the eye. There is a white background with a mixture of text colors. Black text is used for the ease of reading and the font size is comfortable. Orange is used with a larger font to place emphasis on the names of people who share their stories of how they have been able to improve their livelihood. Reading their stories provides encouragement and hope for many of those with a chronic illness. The bar across the top is royal blue with the categories in a white text that appears bright and draws your attention to the bar. This is in contrast to another website, Medical Supply Group, which also has a white background but with a purple bar across the top. The white font on the bar is so small that it is difficult to read. Although there is a tan column on the left side of the Medical Supply Group web page with various categories listed, the words do not stand out. On the other hand, on the Medtronic web site, the name of the website Medtronic appears on upper left. In addition to that, the website is broken down into various categories within the blue bar, where you can click on your area of interest and find subcategories with detailed information. Each area that you are brought to has sub tabs that will link you to different parts of the website. Furthermore, each part of Medtronic has a photograph of someone smiling after improvement. This is evident in the screen print below:

Medtronics' approach is simple, direct and easy to follow. There are no unwanted advertisements to clutter the website and the download time is quick and efficient. The website is very organized and is not overwhelming. All of the components on this website are filled with information that educate and provide reassurance to health conscious individuals. There is a wealth of information available that will enlighten the viewer and give guidance so that a customer can make an informed decision concerning his/her health. For example, the website discusses a variety



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