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Meeting Human Services Challenges with Technology

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Essay Preview: Meeting Human Services Challenges with Technology

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Meeting Human Services Challenges with Technology

Technology is said to be the wave of the future. Some of the challenges that Human Service Organizations face with this new way of doing business of sharing and collecting data from clients has created a new realm of concerns. The data itself, the manipulation of the data, and how the people working with the data, rely on this new technology. It is important for organization incorporating technology to become proficient and not frustrated by the change. Human Service Organizations also face communications issues between agencies, staff teams, and clients. Local Human Service Organizations could benefit from enhanced communications through technology as information is communicated from clients to agencies on a daily basis. One detail to keep in mind is to give employees an opportunity to think of the change into technology through and allow them time to reach their own conclusion that technology will make their workload less complicated.

"Human Service Organizations are experiencing an uncomfortable business reality (NPower's, n.d)". The world of technology has placed most Human Service Organizations under pressure. Organizations are forced to reconsider the services provided as they face a reduction in resources and a restructuring into a technological system of expectations to produce and confirmation of their effectiveness. Implementing technology into an organization takes time and time is money. Technology can take away from the preservation of what is important and valuable in an organization. Technology takes away the humanity component of Human Services. Whereas an organization is undergoing the restructuring into technology a few details need to be taken into consideration. Consider the cost of software, and hardware, training of personnel, and the hiring of a trainer to oversee progress. An information technology department or person will also need to come on board to maintain the hardware, software, and reporting for accountability. Nonetheless the greatest concern with technology is privacy and confidentiality. No matter how careful, there will exist the possibility that some can hack into and organization's technological system and steal private information.

Wanda Human service organizations have issues with proper communications with teams and clients. Information with teams and clients must have proper information given to make sure organizations, clients, and team members have the same information.

Making sure information transferred to other member of the team for organizations, and clients are proper and true to the best of knowledge. When dealing with organizations and clients teams must know the information and have the same understanding of information given. Identifying behavior by the information, gives the understanding the kind of services needed to help clients find the best help to his or her solutions to issues. Staff members for the human service field valuable to help transfer proper information to the proper expertise of the field needed to handle certain cases. Proper information given to the right area of expertise is helpful for organizations and clients get the proper services provided to help with issues, like suicide, personal life experiences, to finding soft ware or database that works for human services organizations.

Technology is a way to keep up with proper information and communicating with others. Cell phones are a reliable source in communicating with meetings, conversations on issues and ways to help solve problems, most cell phones is have Internet access so that human services workers can keep up with information given on clients and organizations and to other team members. Web cams on computers helps human services workers keep in touch with clients who cannot leave his or her home, this gives counselors a sense for clients needs. Web cams also help organizations and team members understand in more detail of information, web cams are a good way to communicate with others, and sit in meetings or conversations. Clients and organizations uses applications on websites to give information to help but is the responsibility of organizations and team members to make sure information given on an application is true and correct to his or her best of knowledge. Technology has many ways of taking information and transforming to the proper authority. Wanda

Jerry Communication in all organizations and businesses is a high priority. Information is communicated from clients to agents daily. Some information such as intake forms are entered electronically into a database, or are on paper filed in cabinets. Sometimes agents need questions answered on exceptions for clients.



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