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Memo Punctilio to Boss

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Essay Preview: Memo Punctilio to Boss

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James Tan

B CMU 301 10:30 am

TO: Boss

FROM: James Tan

DATE: October 8, 2014

SUBJECT: Summary of “Memo Punctilio”

As you requested I have read, analyzed, and summarized the article entitled “Memo Punctilio.” My findings are not only interesting, but could aid even the most experienced writers in the effective and proper usages of memos. The central theme of the article revolves around limiting the amount of memos sent by narrowing the valid reasons to send them. I have taken the liberty of extracting the information from the article and placing it into three main subtopics.

1. Appropriate Memo Usage

2. Composing Effective Memos

3. Cautions with Memos

Appropriate Memo Usage

The article stresses the importance of choosing appropriate situations for sending memos; as often times managers flood their employees’ inbox with endless memos that eventually become perfunctory. Limiting the volume of memos can be accomplished largely by narrowing the parameters of what is considered to be appropriate. One of the points made by the article pointed out that many managers evade and underutilize face to face conversation by resorting to memos. This can cause miscommunication as tone could be misinterpreted or the proper message could be lost in the expanse of words.

Composing Effective Memos

While ensuring the appropriateness of the memo is important, it is also important to compose the memo in such a way that is effective in delivering the correct message. The article warns the reader of common mistakes made by managers such as:

• Excessive words

• Too formal

• Unnecessarily complicated vocabulary

• Rigid memos lacking flow

The ideal memo described by the article is characterized by its simplicity and conciseness. Effective memos are informal and are organized to be read easily and flowing. An effective memo should be easily dissected with a clear intended audience and stated purpose. Having an easily understandable purpose for writing a memo allows employees to efficiently read and respond.

Cautions with Memos

The article also offered cautions with writing memos. There are many common mistakes that could be avoided in order to evade legal and workplace repercussions. When writing memos the article warns of committing to putting things in writing, leaving



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