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Relocation Memo

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I have prepared a memo regarding the company relocation. The memo addresses how to inform senior/middle management on the relocation, how to effectively communicate this message to all employees, and how to create high morale for the move.

I've suggested different ways of using company media to inform the employees and to keep them enthusiastic of the move.

Please let me know what you think and if there are any adjustments that you think I should make.

Luke Donallon

Joseph Ludlow

Managerial Communications


Relocation Memo for XYZ Co.

This memo seeks to accomplish three major tasks:

1.) How to Inform Senior/Middle management on the relocation

2.) How to effectively communicate this message to all employees

3.) Build a high morale in the workplace

Informing the senior/middle managers of XYZ Company:

Call a meeting for all senior/middle management to attend a brief PowerPoint presentation:

1.) Inform the managers that the Board of Directors have made their decision to move the company to a suburban location.

a.) Reasons for move are because the downtown office location has overhead costs that are too high and the levels of ideal productivity are not being reached.

2.) The company plans to move nearly all of its employees and equipment in one year's time.

3.) Important to keep this information within Senior/Middle management until the company is prepared to announce the information to the rest of its employees. ***This is a very important aspect!

a. All opinion leaders, family members, and other employees will be kept out of the information loop.

b. Reasons for this are because management wants to present the decision in a way that the positives of the move drastically outweigh the cons.

4.) Announce a secondary meeting that will involve senior and middle management as well as representatives from the HR department. This meeting will discuss, in more detail, the moving process and how to inform employees.

This presentation will be made on Microsoft PowerPoint and will only contain the key facts of the meeting. Handouts of the PowerPoint slides will also be given to the managers for note taking.

Secondary meeting that will address the moving process and how to announce the relocation to the employees:

(Prior to this meeting a moving schedule has been prepared for management)

1.) Management will be given a moving schedule that outlines the entire process of moving the company.

a. Management must fully understand the moving process because they will be subject to questions by their subordinates.

2.) Announce that all middle managers will hold meetings with their subordinates next week.

a. This meeting will be in the form of an oral presentation given by the middle managers.

b. The managers will be provided with informational packets to hand out to all employees.

The second meeting will be held in a conference room that can accompany all the managers and HR representatives.



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