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Memoirs of a Broken Home

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Essay Preview: Memoirs of a Broken Home

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Memoirs of a Broken Home

my household, in my own eyes

(beat comes in)

the household is nothin but a fight club

over money green as shrubs of bud

greed is the way that I live life

my dad dressed up sharp as a knife

in the time being, I thought he was a shithead

a lazy man laid up on the couch or in bed

but in reality hes just a family man

doin everything, makin ends meet the best he can

and because of the anger, fueled up inside of me

I made the family tense up without realizing

made problems bigger than they shouldve been

and now i'm praying to God for I have sinned

so lonely so alone

these are the memoirs of a broken home

so lonely so alone

these are the memoirs of a broken home

family feud, forget the game show

this is reality and you all know

stealing from mom and dad on a daily basis

racist dad I thought he was

the family in a crisis

and life should be lived in a positive way

dont live it with screaming and cussin everyday

like how I did, I was 16, but still a kid

and I felt mature inside, but really I was fulla shit

and I threw fits, spoiled I was

by my mother and her family and now I'm just a bug

who bugs out, killin myself with stress not joy

and now i'm lost, like that bear Corduroy

inside the mall, but the mall is myself

cuz i'm so lost inside, but for real family's my wealth

not these material things that I wanted

all the gucci and jewels that I flaunted

like I was a king, i've been called a dictator

by my mom and that made me hate her

for a bit, but really I love her




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