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Memorandum for Workplace Surveillance

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                    Memorandum for Workplace Surveillance


[To be written on letterhead, in interorganization memo format or via e-mail]

To: Concerned Organization

   (Which includes any other on this list to whom this memo to be addressed)

From: Yours Name

Date: dd/mm/yyyy

Subject: Related to workplace surveillance in context of computers and information technology compliance with legislation, controversies, and future direction.

I am obligated to express the memorandum about an organization’s workplace surveillance by considering the computer and information technology which include; legislation, controversies and future direction for organization.

In the modern world, since the advent of globalization, technology plays a very important role in the functioning of every organization. Equipment like laptops, work stations, networks, routers etc. provide the technological support necessary to design network frameworks that can help grow information technology

Information technology at the workplace has rapidly progressed and has become the foundational of corporate communication via emails, intra company chat portals and company related website. Due to the extent of usage of information technology by every employee of the firm, it has become necessary that a safe environment is created to keep company data and trade secrets secure by surveillance processes. There is a need for every organization to check the usage of company resources for the right purposes thereby ensuring that all the information of the company is used for carrying out the right set of activities.

In order to avoid any mishaps with the company data, a policy needs to be formulated by the organization that will be compliant with the privacy and surveillance law. The employees should be made aware through dedicated training programs on surveillance and data handling about the dos and don’ts of using information technology.

Within an organization, it is important that all employees collectively work towards adopting safe and secure operative practices so as to ensure that the their activities don’t flout any law and prove liability for the organization.

Few general policies in context information technology and computer surveillance that can be adopted by an organization

  • Dedicated training should be provided to employees on the existing policies so as to ensure compliance of laws pertaining to data security
  • Workshops should be conducted to highlight the right practices for using information technology for business communication
  • Creation of an ethics and compliance department that will overlook any case pertaining to surveillance and ensuring the provision of an Ombudsman program.
  • Provision of all policies on a company portal that employees can access.
  • Ensure business has a workplace surveillance/information technology policy that accommodates the video surveillance, global positioning systems (GPS) and computer/data surveillance which include access network and storage processes.
  • Should ensure that, employees know about the existence of the policies and able to understand the policy and acknowledge or considering their understanding of the policies during the use of equipment.
  • Organization policy should ensure that they covers all forms of surveillance which include computer system, GPS and video/camera.
  • Should have the legal obligations in respect of all forms of surveillance i.e. State and Territory laws guidelines for information technology environment surveillance.
  • Ensure the policy should clearly states that all the use including personal, company equipment is monitored and that employees should maintain privacy.
  • The policy document should notify to the employees with the types of company property which are being monitored.
  • When emails has been blocked then employees should be notified that an email addressed to them has been blocked and or from whom it was sent.
  • Ensure employee passwords and login details are being kept confidential.
  • Organization should ensure to comply with updated policy. And Schedule annual policy reviews and update the policy in response to the changes in legislation accordingly.

Information technology surveillance is an evolving process which needs to comprise of policies that are up to date with the current technological trend. The above mentioned policies shall enable an organization to cater to the basic requirements of ensuring a safe and secure workplace for using information technology. But the need of the hour is to build a comprehensive system that shall adhere to every governmental policy on surveillance and use the abundance of qualified resources at their disposal in form of research papers, information guidelines and technology implemented to ensure qualified surveillance.



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