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Memory Case

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While we are living in general life, we face many kinds of situations and it helps us to figure out who we really. Some of these experiences could be important but the others are not. It depends on how these experiences have effect on our life. Not to mention, all occurrences are significant but the things that related to psychology would be more invaluable.

While I was taking a psychology class, I found out how to enhance and control my behaviours based on psychological theory.

First of all, from the book, Visualizing Psychology, the author said that "memory is an internal record or representation of some prior event or experience" (Huffman, Younger, and Vanston 4). Memory has special information processing. If specific information is into our mind, that information should go step by step like encoding, storage, and then retrieval. It is like taking a photo in your life, first you recognize something you see or watch and then take a picture to remember. After these processes, you can recall this picture easily by repeating to watch this picture. I discovered that I am the auditory style person. It means that I can memory and recall efficiently when I learn through hearing things.

It is important to me because it can be the way to improve my learning efficient. I used to study by only writhing and watching and it led me to have unsatisfied outcome from the tests. I find many obstacles and struggle when I study chapters through reading and just writing something down. While I did these acting, I felt like I covered all chapters and remember everything. But after finishing study, I can hardly recall what I studied. For better result from the test, I intend to try and strengthen my memory capability and activity by using rehearsal and retrieval cue. First, I will use cue cards to write information from the chapter down and bring it every day. Also, I will keep repeating the subject matters on the cue card as many as I can. When I memory something important, I will use some clues or prompt that helps stimulate recall. For example, before the having test, I will try to adjust myself to specific circumstance. I will wake up same time every day, listen to same lecture that I recorded, and drink same beverage. It will help my biological rhythm and support my brain to work better in comfortable mood.

Second, I am a person who cannot memory and recalls something when I have a speech or presentation in front of the public. I just think the reason why I am in trouble with these situation is the topic of discussion is unpleasant and anxiety-producing information. But I discovered that is not related to topic, it is about the psychological disorder which is called phobias. To overcome phobia is not easy and it is impossible to take it away from me rapidly. For getting used to my anxiety and making fewer faults from recalling, I intend to try and strengthen my anxiety disorder by using preparing the objects when I am in front of the public. I will organize my presentation by section by section and high light that important words. It will help me during I have the speech even though I get lost.

Third, I found that what procrastination is and how it can influence to my behaviour. Procrastination is the act of replacing high-priority actions with tasks of low-priority, and thus putting off important tasks to a later time. It can be such behaviour as a mechanism for coping with the anxiety associated with starting or completing any task or decision. I discovered that my procrastination type is avoiders. I used to try avoiding fear of failure or even fear of success. And I want people would rather have me to think I lack effort than ability, if I got lower result from the works. Because of this reason, I have never started the work or study early. I used to worry about what if I had not enough result from the works, even though I started to work on time. Besides, I am afraid of People may laugh at me and say like this is who you are. For changing my though, I will intend to modify my point of view from what people think about me to what I think about myself. I used to be aware of decreasing my reputation by people around me. But it is absurd, because the important thing is me not the others. I will concern my satisfaction as the first priority from now and never postpone my work without pay attention what other people think about me. I also discovered that this procrastination gives me a lot of disadvantages. Especially, every first semester, I have had many health problems such as cold, flu, stomach-ache problems and insomnia. It happened to me because of the stress of procrastination. In addition, procrastination has a high cost to others as well as oneself; it shifts the burden of responsibilities onto others, who become angry. Procrastination destroys teamwork in the workplace and private relationships. To overcome these weaknesses, I will intend to try changing my behaviour by decreasing my rationalizations. Most of stresses that I had were from me. I used to think like I can do the work or study under pressure, so there



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