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Mice and Men - Chapter 3 and 4

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Essay Preview: Mice and Men - Chapter 3 and 4

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Adam visser

Period 3

Mice and men chapter 3 and 4

In the beginning of chapter 3 of "Mice and Men" it explains how slim has agreed to give one his puppies to Lennie. Slim likes the relationship that Lennie and George have. They explained how they became companions, saying that they were born in the same town and looked out for each other after Lennie almost drowned one time. Another time Lennie was accused of rape and him and George had to hide from a lynch mob. George tells Lennie that he shouldn’t take the pup from its mother so Lennie returns the pup to its litter. Candy and Carlson appear and complain about Candy's dog. Carlson wants him to shoot it but he explains that he's had the dog for too long. Eventually Slim joins into the argument and is convening Carlson to put the dog down. Candy finally gave in and promises slim (another farmer) that he would bury the body. After there was a gunshot ring out.  After slim leaves the men play cards and discuss Curley's wife. Saying that she will make trouble for someone Whit invites George to come to a whorehouse and the merit of old Susy's place but George says that him and Lennie couldn’t afford it. Lennie and Carlson come in. Curley, full of jealousy, is mad at slim. George explains the farm they hope to but, to George and Lennie and candy wants to come with them. They plan at the end of this month they will have enough money. Curley apologizes to slim for his suspicions. But Curley attacked Linnie and hey get in a fight. In Chapter for in the next evening one of the guys (crooks) is sitting in his bed in the room. He is black and crooks is his nickname. He spends most of his time reading. Lennie who has been spending all his time with his puppy, appears in the hallway. He has not listened to George and told allot of people what their plan was. He also is looking for company because he has nothing to do. But Crooks tells him to leave, and saying that hes , as a black man, is not allowed in the white quarters, then white men are not allowed in his. Lennie has no idea what he's talking about and innocently reports that everyone else went into town. Crooks eventually lets Lennie in after yelling at him.




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