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Military Airport

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The Military Airport


 General Cuco has decided to build a Military base including an airport in a region near San Ignacio Bay, in Baja California.

In this base the pilots will low level flight over the Sea of Cortez and they will use B-52 aircrafts.

When Pepo knows about these plans he called his environmentalist friends to help him to manifest their worries about the risk of these activities and who will they affect to the marine animals because some of them are communicating and orientating are sound-based.

They are asking for an environmental study to see what the impact is; we are in charge to this research so this is what we have found.

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The construction of a new airport in an area like San Ignacio Bay is a project really big, it have to count with big planning , because you have to consider a lot of aspects, like land, ecosystems and community.

Transportation is one of the largest contributors to community noise (Kryter, 1982).Noise affects people and animals in so many ways: as the level increases from detectable it can be annoying. Knowledge of the noise source plays a significant role in determining the community noise responses, aircraft, for example.

It was found from field studies that at the same average A-weighted sound pressure level, aircraft noise can be more annoying than rail and road-traffic noise together,

Annoyance is broadly defined as the physical or psychological discomfort caused by noise and its interference with different activities. Aircraft noise is considered to be annoying when it interferes with certain species but in different ways.

At very high levels noise can lead to hearing damage Apart from hearing impairment, it is also known that aircraft noise may be a risk factor for respiratory, digestive, mental instability, depression and nervousness. Because of the great number of people influenced and the degree of physical and psychological discomfort, aircraft noise today may be one of the greatest pollution problems.

Biodiversity of the Sea of Cortez is one of the largest in Mexico's Pacific coast, making it one of the main attractions submarines. Coral reefs are the most reduced environments; in fact, the Sea of Cortez has only one reef: the Cabo Pulmo south of La Paz.

In this environment lives more than 1000 species of invertebrates and mollusks bluefish are common, sergeant fish, scorpion fish and the brunette and chub grouped in large schools, the puffers, gobies and trombollo. The rocks provide shelter for nesting cormorants and oystercatchers. The freshwater fish fauna of the Colorado River is currently represented by desert pupfish species such as octopus, long fin chub, yellow catfish and mosquito fish. The rocky beaches of several of the islands in the Sea of Cortez are home to huge colonies of seals and sea lions, seals, and other species that selected this place to reproduce.



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