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Miller Romano Marital Status: Single

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Essay Preview: Miller Romano Marital Status: Single

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Name: Miller Romano

Age: 30

Marital Status: Single

Background: Miller Romano was a good law abiding citizen until the start of prohibition. After the law was passed he was out of a job and dirt poor. He needed money desperately and so he went to the mafia for help. In exchange for small jobs they gave him good money for the time. He started by just being a bouncer in small speakeasies. That all changed when the speakeasy he was first stationed at was raided by not the police but a small rival family and in the scuffle Miller shot two people and killed one.

Very soon after, he moved to Chicago and joined Al Capone's family and started doing jobs for him. For years he worked for Al Capone and killed about 30 people for him. With all the money that Miller made he bought himself a house and amazing luxuries including a “Surrey”, Cars and clothes. Miller did hits, smuggling, bouncer work and much more for Al Capone. Unfortunately the money from Capone wasn’t enough for Miller.

After becoming bloodthirsty and to greedy for his own good Miller decided to start doing jobs on the side for other mafias including an Irish family run by Bugs Moran who just so happened to also be the rival of Mr.Capone. Miller also became an informant for the pigs. All of this lead to his demise in the St. Valentine's Day Massacre. Capone found out about all of Miller’s extra business’ and decided not to say anything but make sure that Miller was shot that same day.

The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre was one of the worst shootings in the mafia and it was put together by Al Capone to kill Bugs and his men. The killers dressed in police uniforms and were pretending to arrest the men. One of those in a police uniform was Miller Romano and they shot down all of the men with their hands and heads to the wall. Blood everywhere and the last one to die was Miller. On their rush back to the car one of the other men in uniform closed the car door and in an instant whipped out his pistol and shot Miller straight through the brain just as Al Capone had asked. That was the end of Miller Romano.



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