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Single Parent Families

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Single-Parent Families

Divorce rates are on the rise in America, and single-parent families are everywhere. They face the same struggles that a normal, two parent family home would face. Having a child changes your life. I am a single parent and I struggle daily with how much I can get accomplished in a day. I work full time, go to school full time and I have a two year old. I often feel guilty for not spending enough time with my daughter. I struggle with guilt daily, but I know that what takes me away from my child now will better her life later. I believe that single parent homes have numerous negative effects upon both the parent and the children.

Single-parents will face many challenges while raising their children alone. Financially it is harder on single parents. Raising a child on one income can be difficult. Being able to provide everything that a child needs and wants is expensive. I have seen firsthand single parents who live pay check to paycheck. Sometimes these parents are not sure how they will pay the bills, provide food, and clothes. The financial burden in a single-parent home is not only felt by the parent, but also by the child. Growing up in a home that isn't financially stable is difficult for children because, their friends may have things that they are not able to have. Children may feel like they do not fit in or they are not good enough. Single parents may be forced to work long hours for overtime or even have multiple jobs so they can provide for their children. This will leave children in daycare, with family, or home alone. When children are left in these places most of the day, they are missing valuable time with their parent.

A normal day for a two parent family is usually divided between two people. In a single family home, the only parent will cook, clean, do homework, and give baths. By the time the day is over the parent and child have had no quality time together. It is difficult to manage day to day task work a full-time job, and raise children when it is just a single parent. Finding a balance between life and child is very difficult and puts stress on both the child and the parent.

Because a single parent is the only person who takes care of the child, this may force that parent to miss work because of doctors' appointments or a sick child. Missing work will only cause more problems because that is a day of work missed with no pay. As a single parent every penny is important. Missing work will only create issues with co-workers and management depending on how often it occurs. I have seen people lose jobs because they have to leave work early, or not come in at all. A former coworker was a single parent with one child. She often missed work because her son was sick. She eventually was fired because she was tardy so often.

Discipline is another struggle a single parent may face. Having rules in any household is a necessity for a child. This



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