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Miss Wittle Case

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1.0 Introduction

This report aims to look at the current level of provision within Cheltenham. It will look at the current events that run in the area and how programmes on offer help improve the area and bring community together, by assessing their strengths and weaknesses. Based on this research a recommendation for a new event will be proposed.

Cheltenham is situated in the heart of Gloucestershire and is best known for the Gold Cup Races that take place annually and attract over 230000 visitors. The races attract visitors far and wide bringing a lot publicity to the area and helping local business to thrive. Cheltenham already holds many events and the town is popular as it is situated close to Bristol and Birmingham making it easily accessible, but this can also have its problems for the area, as larger cities create a greater competition for the events and programmes held here in Cheltenham.

2.0 Cheltenham Demographic

Damster et al, states that socio demographic forces 'have a significant impact on leisure travel and event tourism' and that factors such as life-stage responsibility, wealth, tastes and physical ability have a critical influence in event preferences and demand preferences (2000:21). It is important to determine the demographic of an area before event companies can decide on programmes and festivals in the area. They need to cater for the majority of residents living in and around the area and cater to their demands in order to hold a successful and sustainable event. It seems clear at the moment that many of the programmes on offer in Cheltenham are for the older generation and people aged over 40, but do not offer much , in the way of plays and events for students and young people. This is something the Cheltenham borough council are aiming to change, which is explained further on in this report.

Cheltenham is home to over 110000 people and has a mixture of both young and old. The county of Gloucestershire is home to around 570000 people of which 23.11% are retired and 2.4% are full time students (Appendix 1) These figures clearly show that there is a large difference in the amount of younger and older people living in the Gloucestershire area, with many residents being aged 40 and above. These figures show the same trend, that the area is largely populated by people above 40 years of age. This is why many events held in the area are made to appeal to the adult generation rather than the younger population such as students. It would seem that Cheltenham are looking to get younger people involved in theatre and the arts as a way of bringing the community together and creating programmes to appeal to a larger audience.



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