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Mobile Hair Salon Survey

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Mobile Hair Salon Survey

In developing a market survey, there are some steps that should be followed to create a well developed survey. These surveys could be conducted in writing, over the phone, email, or in-person. I have to develop a standard set of questions about likes and dislikes about my product or service. The use of multiple choice or yes or no questions should be asked. I should also identify who should fill out the survey and find out the demographic I would like to target (, 2011). I have conducted a survey on the market that I am trying to target for my mobile hair salon. There are many questions that I need in order to know the sex, gender, ethnicity, and what my potential customers may want. The questions that I asked are general questions that I collected from eleven individuals.

The average age of most of my potential clients are between 25 to 35 years old and they are individuals that are in the working class. With most of these individuals working, it is difficult to fit an appointment in their busy schedule. The sex of most of these potential clients is female except the two that are males. Most of these clients are African American except one and most of them live in rural areas. Everyone that I surveyed have transportation to get to where they need to go. Most of them are complaining about the fuel prices rising and the cost to drive from these rural areas to get to a salon. There were at least eight that gets their hair done biweekly by getting a wash and set. The two males said they normally go to a salon once monthly to get a wash and have their hair braided. There was only one that used a specific product in their hair because of scalp treatment that she needs. None of these clients have ever seen or heard of a mobile salon but they said it would be something that they would be interested in trying out. All of these clients have access to internet by means of home or laptop computers and by smart phone.

I have concluded that most of my clients are young to middle aged clients. All of these clients work daily and it is difficult and sometimes time consuming to get an appointment. My mobile salon will make this more convenient by going to the customer. The customer will also be able to just make an appointment online while they are on the go. This is more convenient for those that do reside in those rural areas and it may be cheaper on their pockets when it comes to the increase in fuel prices. It is also less time consuming for them to drive to a business area just to get their hair done. My clients will be able to experience one on one interaction from licensed and professional stylists in the comfort of their home or in one of the well equipped vehicles that are in my fleet. I will be able to provide the products that the clients use to treat certain conditions that they may have going on with their hair. I have also concluded that my potential clients are willing to do what it takes to make things more convenient for them at a reasonable price and excellent quality of their services. By doing this survey, it does make targeting the market less difficult.

I am conducting a survey on my Mobile Salon. It will be a salon that will come to your home or to your workplace to perform any of your hair care needs. These questions will help me understand and be able to provide you with the proper hair care and the needs of my potential clients. Please take the time to complete the survey. (This



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