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Real Estate Foreclosure Attitude Survey

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Essay Preview: Real Estate Foreclosure Attitude Survey

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Real Estate Foreclosure Attitude Survey

Survey Instructions

This is an attitude survey to collect data and information from those who may be facing foreclosure of their home, or have been through the foreclosure process and lost a home.

No names will be collected. Your survey will be assigned a date, time, city, and a number for survey tracking methods. You will be given 30 minutes to complete the survey.

All data collected will be measured and scored as a group research study.

Please answer all questions to the best of your ability only leaving those questions that you do not wish to answer or do not know the answer blank.

Some questions may feel very personal, some may be emotional to answer, but the questions are designed to collect data regarding these exact feelings, reactions and actions taken by a person aware that foreclosure is eminent, during or after the foreclosure process.

This survey is designed to measure how you felt, behaved or reacted to the foreclosure experience from the first realization that losing your home was a possibility to actually losing your home.

The survey will be given in groups of 25 people.

The time allotted for taking the survey is 30 minutes.

No one will discuss or talk to others while taking the survey.

The survey has 60 questions.

Answer every question if possible, and as honestly as you can.

There will be four groups of 25 people taking the survey.

All 100 surveys will be correlated as a group survey.

Scoring will be done according to a negativity scale.

Always answers (most negative) = 5 points

Sometimes (less negative) = 3 points

Never (Most positive) = 1 point

The survey has been designed to measure the most negative emotions experienced by people losing a home to foreclosure.



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