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Moonfleet Review Questions

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Essay Preview: Moonfleet Review Questions

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Moonfleet Review Questions

Kristen Nadal

Chapter 1

1. The village of Moonfleet was named for the Mohunes, a powerful family that once owned the whole villgae. It was located a half a mile from the sea on the west bank of the Fleet stream. Only about 200 people lived there. The main street of Moonfleet was in poor condition, and the houses stretched a half a mile down the street on either side of the road, in as bad condition as the street. Farther down the street was where Ratsey the sexton worked in his shed. The Why Not? Inn is located in Moonfleet as well, and the men from the village drink there. The ruins of the Mohune mansion are located on the hillside above the village. The village of Moonfleet is not very large, and poorly taken care of.

3. The impression I receive of Elzevir Block is that he is a morose, grieving man. He has lost his son, David, who was killed by Magistrate Maskew, and when he first sees John, a boy about David's age, his expression darkened. He is grim and scowls at the clients who come to his tavern, so they go to another place to drink. Another thing that I noticed about Elzevir is that he loved his son very much. When David died, his father laid him out on the table and attempted to clean the blood from his hair and spoke to the corpse as if it was alive. People have also noticed mysterious gifts and assumed they are from the wealthy Mr. Block. Elzevir Block is a mysterious character with a soft spot for his son, and those who resemble him.

Chapter 2

1. The church at Moonfleet is large, but never has John ever seen the whole place filled. It is divided in half with a stone screen across the centre. Nobody ever worships in the "nave" which is the western part of the church, which is empty except for a handful of old tombs and the arms of Queen Anne. The ground is mossy and the walls have green spots on them because of the rain-water that got in. On the other side of the screen is where most people worshipped, since the ground was boarded over and the oak panels kept out the cold and the draft. The church is located away from the village on the other side of a few meadows.

Chapter 3

2. The vault where John finds himself is a bit bigger than the schoolroom where he has his lessons taught by Mr. Glennie. The height of the room is only about nine feet from roof to ceiling. The vault had been constructed out of stone. In a corner there was a staircase closed by a big flat gray stone seen in the floor of the church above.

Bookcases lined the walls, but they were used for the coffins of the dead Mohune family members, twenty-three in all. Most of the coffins were made of lead. In the middle of the room were casks, kegs and runlets full of smuggled liquor. The Mohune vault was not really only being used for the coffins of the deceased - it was also a smuggler's cellar.




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