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Moses as a Great Leader

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In the history of mankind Moses mostly known as the outstanding leader, as the great prophet and as the spread legislator.

Bible gives some of instructions that Moses was the prophet. For example, Hosea writes about him (12:13): « And by a prophet the LORD brought Israel out of Egypt, and by a prophet was he preserved». Prophetical service of Moses is mostly remarkable that LORD has opened to him and ordered to go to Egypt, to the brothers to announce him revelation Jehovah and to deduce them from the Egyptian slavery. From this point Moses and his surroundings have been included in a drama of Egypt.

In Deuteronomy (18:18-22) Moses calls itself the prophet, erected by God in the sense that personally from Him he has received precepts, laws and decisions and has transferred them to nation. Also he was the teacher and the tutor of the people. Here he is presented, as greatest of prophets, when he predicts about coming of other prophet, which will be more, than the prophet, -- about Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world.

But ministering of Moses was not limited only as a mission of the prophet. The Scripts shows, how was many-sided his activity in which he has most brightly proved as the leader and the legislator of Israel. In a prophetical psalm Moses and his big brother Aaron are presented, as the leaders which hand God conducted the Israeli people (76:21). But this general idea about ministering of Moses, a red thread the past through all Old Testament.

About that he was the leader, we find acknowledgement and in the New testament. For Stephen Moses is a governor, «the ruler and the deliverer» (Acts 7:35). Paul in the Message to Hebrews (3:2) compares him to the Jesus.

Let's shortly consider what he was represented as the leader, and at least we will mention those basic lines which so essentially distinguish him from leaders of all times and the nations.

Moses was the leader not by his own desire, but it is called and put on this ministering by God (Exodus 3-4). Though he long refused, but the Lord has insisted and has all the same put him as prepared him since the childhood in special conditions and special ways. He has supplied with his all necessary spiritual gifts, has spread with sacred spirit, has opened to him many of secrets.

He is a leader whom God used in the exclusive reflection. It is shown in Exodus in Chapter 5. When Moses has come back to Egypt from deserts and has appeared before the Pharaoh, God powerfully operated through him.

Moses is the true leader, executed father like, even sacred spirit and mercy. He loved the people and cared about their material and spiritual well-being. When the nation sin Moses prayerfully took up himself in front of God, petitioned about them and did it resolutely and dared.

Moses is the leader, who cared of having successors. He understood that after his death Gods' acts will proceed, and asked the Lord to put on his place the person, who will able to continue his mission (Numbers 27:15). The Lord



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