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Essay on a Great Leader

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Essay Preview: Essay on a Great Leader

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                                         A Great Leader

        Leadership is more than just a title someone can hold, it is an ability that people have to guide others in a creative fashion. My mother has always been a person I would call a great leader. She has overcome many obstacles throughout her life that some may see as minor, but I have always admired. She has raised 5 children by herself that have all looked to her for advice and wisdom. I am one of the 5 children and I would consider myself to be her follower. I have followed her many examples in life and still look to her for advice.

        My mother is an innovative person. She has always had the ability to come up with great ideas for teaching us lessons in life, such as never giving up and always giving 100%. Even when I would stray from her example she had the ability to direct me back to the right path. She is also great with dealing with struggles such as a teenage meltdown or how to handle the bigger issues like going through a divorce without letting it affect your kids. Sometimes the best quality a leader can have is being able to work through their own personal struggles without letting it interfere with their job. She achieved this with great poise and dignity. She made it a point to always have a smile on her face even when things were bad.

        My mother is also a leader in her work career. She has worked in shelters for women and children and is now a teacher. She has counseled broken families and taught them how to have a healthy life without abuse and neglect. This was much more than just a job to her, it was a calling. She genuinely wanted to help these people. She has been known to literally give her own personnel time and money to ensure the safety of others. She has a heart of gold and it shines through her work. Part of her job at the shelter was difficult. She had to enforce the rules and know when a person was abusing the help. If this ever happened she had to send them packing. Although this was very difficult for her to do, it was necessary for the well-being of the others. Her current job is teaching kids with disabilities. This is not a job just anyone can do, this is a job that takes someone special. It takes patience and understanding as well as a big heart. These are two of my mother’s greatest traits.

        Leadership isn’t just a position or a title. Leadership is gained through your achievements in life. My mother’s greatest achievement is raising 5 kids that have grown to be amazing people. She has raised a police officer, a federal probation officer, an aerial-gunner in the air force, and is putting my sister and me through college. We have all followed her examples in life. We are creative, talented, energetic, go-getters that give our all and never give up.



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