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Mothers Garden

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The seeds we plant, we water with Love and care. Binging forth red Roses, with the whitest Lilies, and the pickiest pink and yellowish of Tulips. Then just to the back. There's a Apple tree, as beautiful as it can be. Suddenly comes the storm, and everything goes wrong. That once beautiful garden is flooded and destroyed. Now, the Mother must stepped back and ask for help to get her garden back. So maybe one day her seeds planted will return as beautiful as before' but much more stronger


Ring around the posy pocket full of roses ashes ashes we all fall down. Laughter, and joyful times, that's what Jennifer and Brandy shared. The best friends till the end, and so it was throughout our childhood and even as adults. But, then it happens. That horrible drifting apart of a friend you thought you would never lose. I remember Brandy and I were the same age born only two months apart, we were so similar, we like so many of the same things and dislikes were just as similar. We would go shopping and if we didn't pick the same thing it would surely be the same color and similiar style. I mean growing up we often felled for the same boy, which eventually would make us argue and stop talking doing things to get his attention the most. But, then we soon realize that when we did do something to get his attention we couldn't share it with one another because we were still bickering. So eventually we would come to the agreement that we wouldn't fall for the same boy no matter what because our friendship mattered to us more than some stupid childhood crush. We held on to that through middle school and even through high school. Our prom dates turn out to be twins but hey they were still two separate people, and it turned out beautiful. I remember we would stay up late on the phones talking about how our lives would be when we were older. The both of us aspired to go to college. I, Jennifer wanted to become an investment banker, while brandy wanted to be a veterinarian; I guess you can say we were different in that area. I never could figure out why, maybe because I came from a family of four and saw my mother working so hard as a single parent; working all hours as a nurse trying to raise my younger sister and two older brothers the best way she could. Which wasn't bad because I can't remember not ever having what I wanted? On the other hand Brandy, came from a family, you know the kind with a father and grandparents still around, and she had one older brother Charlie. We would often compare who was the toughest her older brother or my older brothers. Believe it or not Charlie would win hands down. I guess my brothers just knew I wouldn't do anything for fear of what they would say or do to me. But that Charlie he was like a hawk always swooping down and catching Brandy doing something or another, I remember she said she was spending the night with me and we were just going hand out paint our nails do each other's hair and maybe my mom would take us to a movie. Well we did those things. But my mom didn't take us to the movies instead we has met some college freshman at the mall about three weeks ago, and secretly decided to meet them in front of the ice cream parlor two blocks around the corner from our houses, convincing them it would be easier to find then our homes; after all we weren't stupid enough to let them know where we lived or get caught with them. So we met them and we went to the movies and all was well but as we were walking out Brandy's date decided to go to the bathroom, and at that moment there was Charlie coming out with two of his friends, Brandy was so shocked I could tell she was going into panic mode. I had been leaning against the wall with my date Jeff when I noticed. So I gave him quick kisses on the cheek telling him don't move I would be right back as I rushed to Brandy's rescue. There you are girl we better go out front and wait for my mom you know how she gets if she has to wait, oh hi Charlie funny seeing you here then took her hand and raced to the entrance. I guess he bought it, because he didn't even follow us when we looked back to wave by he had already began walking with his friends toward the exit near the arcade room. I guess they decided to stop there because we no longer saw them as we hid behind this huge movie build board, then I jumped as I noticed Jeff had touched my arm "wait right here huh I'll be right back" with Brian who was Brandy's date standing right behind him. So we just quickly smiled and being in tune with each other we both started to say "oh we thought we saw brandy's brother girlfriend with some guy, but turns out she was just with some friends. Nervous as all outdoors we pulled it off and walked out to



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