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Motivation Case

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There are many things that I keep in mind to stay motivated and fulfill all my dreams and goals. Without something to motivate you, life would just be plain boring and worthless I would say. There has to be a reason to why we do things and what we do it for. In my case there is 3 big things that keep me motivated, my family specially my mother and father, my upcoming family (wife, son, daughter etc.) and last but not least, money what makes the world go round and round. Now with these 3 things in mind it makes it is easier for me to work hard because I have a goal to reach and these things are very important to me, making me want to work harder and harder.

First and foremost, my number one priority is making my family happy specially my mother and father. I am the oldest son and I am the first person in family to attend college. It would make my family very proud to see me graduate college and getting a good job after. I also want to be a good example and role model for my younger brother. Showing him the right path and keeping him motivated to attend college right after high school. It will make the proudest brother to see my brother's high school graduation and four years later I can attend his college graduation. That would be dreams come true.

Furthermore, building a future for me and the family am going to have later on in life is extremely important to me, and I would consider this my strongest motivation. I want the best for my family. I want to be able to give them the best things and fulfill their needs and desires. Later on I want to be able to support a household and take care of my family financially. Which requires a well-paying job and for a well-paying job you'll need a college degree. That's the main reason why attend college and work hard, so that I can one day have a well-paying job and can have my own family and also take care of them financially.

To be successful and accomplish many of the things I want in life requires higher level education like attending college. Education plays a big role in my life and I can say education would be the keys to success. With higher education and a college degree my goals and dreams will be so much easier to achieve. My biggest dream is to one day graduate college with a degree in marketing. To then get a marketing job for a music record label or a professional sports organization. These are my goals for when I graduate college, and with the help of my family and me working hard this dream will be accomplish.

I currently attend William Paterson University which has a great business program. Believing and trusting that they'll prepare me the best for a marketing job out in the business world. Marketing is a very competitive field so it's going to take hard work and dedication to be one of the best



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