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Motives to the Culper Ring Formation

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Essay Preview: Motives to the Culper Ring Formation

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Culper Ring

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George Washington remains one of the political icons in United States of America through his intellectual activities when he led the Culper Ring spy network to counter the powerful British forces that has already occupied New York City in 1776. Culper Ring spy network managed to secretly and intellectually to explore, collect, and transfer messages from the British operation process to the General Washington. In this text, there is exploration of the motives to the Culper Ring formation, the operations of Culper Spy Ring, and the achievements of Culper Ring.

Motives to the Culper Ring Formation

In August 1776, British forces managed to occupy New York City, as George Washington, then the General of United States military, had predicted . As Rose argues, New York City was well supplied, wealthy, having an outstanding harbor, and its location was between South and New England; factors that Washington had predicted would encourage the invasion of British forces to the city. In the same year, 1776, British authorities managed to capture American officer, Nathan Hale, and proceeded to hang him in New York City without undergoing any trials . He had been working as unrevealed spy for the Washington government when the unfortunate happened; British authorities caught him when heading to his regiment. Hale had succeeded in penetrating the British lines for secretive information gathering, and he British had no hesitation on hanging him once they got hold of him. At the height of American Revolution, the death of Hale demonstrated the critical dangers that spies were in, particularly in the New York City where the British had their stronghold.

At the beginning of American Revolution in 1775, a cavalry officer, Benjamin Tallmadge, whose origin was Setauket, awarded a major rank after his enlistment to Continental Army. Seeing the escalating dominance of the British strong holding in New York City, General Washington appointed Tallmadge to lead the Continental Army’s secret service. Under directorship of General Washington, Tallmadge new the sensitivity of being a spy, particularly considering the risks of spying the British forces who had dominated most resourceful New York City. In this case, Tallmadge opted to initiate recruitment that would portray highly dignity in the sense of being trustworthy, because trust was the first trait that would keep the systems secure and highly secretive. One of Tallmadge’s choices was a farmer who had been a friend since childhood, Abraham Woodhull, and Caleb Brewster who had been tasked with commanding whaleboats fleet to counter the British and Tory shipping taking place in Long Island during the Revolution. In their operation, Brewster was a very daring spy, as he later became the only officer who British could truly prove him as a spying officer. Tallmadge operated under the ode of John Bolton, while Woodhull operated under the code Samuel Culper; the birth of Culper Ring in 1778.

The Operations of Culper Spy Ring

As Tallmadge and Woodhull had taken charge of the daily operations of the Culper Ring, Veronese argues that there was a great possibility that General Washington might have not known all those who were involved in the ring . Veronese states that those who were involved in the Ring were approximately twenty civilians from Setauket village, area located in modern Long Island, somewhere in North Shore. The major duty for the group was to convey information concerning the British troops’ plans, positions, movement, and fortifications across its dominated New York City. Veronese claims that despite the fact that General Washington did not know everyone involved in the Ring, he never doubted their loyalty because he knew the leader he had appointed was fit the formation and holding of loyalties of the members chosen . The Cupler Ring personnel relied on coded messages, disinformation, and dead drops to perform its daily activities in relying information. Member would use various sympathetic stains, irons salt inks considered to appear invisible unless viewed under certain light, for intellect information transferring whereby the ‘invisible inks’ were mostly relied on in writing at the gutter space as well as in between the lines of traditionally modified pen and ink-written messages. For the purpose of ensuring proper protection of sensitive information from being exposed to the wring people, written messages could be attributed to the specific pages on a large paper reams in the process to the required destination.

Adscape International LLC states that the secretive operations were highly classified with high intelligence being the major key factor for its escape from identification by the British . The organization reports that Tavern keeper Austin Roe performed very essential work of being the information currier whereby with the aid of Caleb Brewster, he would take the information using his ferryboat for crossing the Long Island towards its intended destiny of General Washington. Another key character in the



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