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Mountain View Community Hospital Project

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Essay Preview: Mountain View Community Hospital Project

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Mountain View Community Hospital is in the act of creating, long-term strategic and information systems methods to arrange their organization for the next five years. The team consists of Mr. Heller, Mr. Lopez, Dr. Jefferson, and a guide, is trying to prepare an idea that will meet up with the hospital's targets of high-quality health care, cost containment, and growth into new companies, such as for example Dr. Browne's anticipated Geriatric Medicine department.

The future information administration atmosphere will contain a few sources that together make up the whole of Mountain View Community Hospital. Personal sources will include details about each MVCH hospital, employees, physicians, patients and other information required to operate a hospital to aid each hospital. The corporate headquarters of MVCH may have a database that will keep all information about the hospital facilities. For updating a large database the MVCH will need an Enterprise Application overlaid the corporation to support the sharing of data.

The main benefit of having an Enterprise Application Integration strategy is it contains present listings without duplicating data. All data could be transformed to information easily and effectively from everywhere in the enterprise. The Enterprise Application Integration may streamline techniques including information or task from numerous software applications. With the help of Enterprise Application Integration strategy the MVCH can easily see all the data from multiple departments. "The health care industry is a good example of a field that uses enterprise application integration software. Health care companies require sharing of medical records, insurance information, and medical procedures. The software used in this industry is typically niche and requires special applications. Using EAI strategies speeds up the sharing of data, which can assist with an accurate diagnosis and prescriptions."

The team has been evaluating various options for integrating the hospitals operational, clinical, and financial information. The increased use of Electronic Medical Records is obviously impacting the entire world of healthcare and MVCH is planning to implement this system. Electronic Medical Records (EMR) is more than a way for the Mountain View Community Hospital to get paperless. That next-generation technology is an effective way to conserve money, increase performance and improve security. An EMR system allows physicians to access all medical information for a patient, although that information is from different systems and locations, including various physician, hospital, laboratory, and insurance records.

With the help of EMR system the physicians can track patient data over time, easily identify which patients are due for preventative screenings, check how patients are doing on certain parameters such as blood pressure readings or vaccines and monitor and improve overall quality of care within the practice. Within a change from the paper chart to EMRs, and as a means of addressing medical errors, hospitals, including MVCH, may also be just starting to take a closer look at computerized physician order entry (CPOE) systems. However, CPOE might not be a most readily useful choice because Physicians have a hard time and energy to adopt engrossed like as an example; it requires ample time to produce changes on a prescription if the requirement does not fall on default values. Traditional ways of writing a prescription is much faster and easier based on Dr. Z.

The hospitals special study team, Mr. Heller is facing several data management issues consequently of HIPAA's security rules to protect patient information. MVCH upgraded its security policies in reaction to HIPAA's information access management requirements.



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