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Literacy Project for the Nagpana Aeta Community

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Essay Preview: Literacy Project for the Nagpana Aeta Community

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This exploratory study is oriented towards the education of a new generation. The values that a person nurtures and practices are developed and embedded from childhood. A child who has been exposed to proper education, training and rearing from birth will definitely be a better member of the community when he/she grows up.

Educating a child involves not only the parents or guardians, but the community and educational systems as well.

With this in mind a pilot project of giving a child "A good read" , books that can be read to the child from birth until they graduate from elementary school will be given to each child. These books are selected so that they are culturally, psychologically, morally and educationally appropriate for the children and the community. It is proposed to implement this study as a collaborative effort with participating educational institutions, the family, and interested stakeholders in the community. Educating the community a child at a time could be a theme in our struggle to change the values and personal engagement in making a better world for our next generation to grow-up in.

Five books will be provided for each child every three months from year 1. A follow-up on the reading of the books will be collaborated with a local university or college to make sure that the child get's to read and enjoy the books through visits, coupled with interactive dialogues like songs and plays. The participants to the study are university students who will undertake this project as part of a dissertation or thesis.



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