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Movie Antwone Fisher Character Analysis

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Essay Preview: Movie Antwone Fisher Character Analysis

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The movie "Antwone Fisher" was about a young navy man name Antwone Fisher, who finds himself confronting his frightening past after being sent to a psychiatrist "Commander Williams". For the first couple of days Antwone was refusing to open to his psychiatrist; after a while Antwone eventually break down and began to reveals his awful childhood in a flashback memory. Antwone started by saying he was born inside a prison and how he was placed to a foster home week after he was born and through most of his childhood also he mention how he was placed into another foster home with a family named the "Pickett's". Antwone begin to break down how he spent 14 years with the Pickett's and was physically and verbally abusing by his foster mother also how he was sexual abused at 6 years old by the Pickett's Daughter who was over 18 years of age. He was then removed from the Pickett home after having a fight with his foster mother. Antwone was sent to a male institution called "George Republican School" from which he graduated prior to joining the US Navy. Antwone and Commander Williams was meeting every Tuesdays to discuss Antwone childhood as time go by Antwone was controlling his anger problem; Moreover Antwone begin dated a young navy girl name LaNette who become a great part of his life. For the first time in Antwone life he find people who love him and treated him like family and he was embrace by that, but it was just the beginning of his journey. Commander Williams decide to determinate his meeting with Antwone because he did not have answer for Antwone problem anymore and he also confront Antwone to go and seek for his real family. Antwone fisher take Commander Williams advise and ask his girlfriend to take a trip with him to Washington to find his true family members. After arriving to Washington he began to look at the foster home he was first placed but they dint have no file about his birth parents, then his girlfriend pressure him to go ask his foster mother which was the Pickett's, after he arrive to his foster home they was surprise to see him and they ask him to come inside but he refused then he begin to ask the Pickett's, "who was my real parents?" the Pickett's didn't want to tell him until he was leaving they tell him his father name "Elkins". Antwone and LaNette begin to look in several phonebook for his father last name then finally found a woman with the same last name her name was Annette Elkins, who turned out to be his aunt. Fisher find out his father was dead but his mom was alive which he meets and asks a lot of questions but she didn't say anything but tears that was coming from her eyes. After he left his mother house he returns to his Aunt house where he meets all his family from his Father side also they prepare a huge family dinner for him. Antwone Fisher finally found the pieces of his puzzle and he also return to



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